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Grant Program

Risk Mitigation Investment Grant Program

Program Description

The University Treasurer is sponsoring a grant program to provide loss prevention and/or loss control funding to a limited number of applicants (Purdue colleges and departmental areas).  This program is designed to fund projects or equipment that will reduce loss or damage to Purdue property and/or promote/enhance safety and ethical behaviors in a measurable way.

This grant program is available to all Purdue departments on all Purdue campuses.

This grant program application period runs from October 1st to September 30th of each year. 


All Purdue University colleges, departments, and students 

Application Process and Award process

  • College or departmental area identifies a risk that can be mitigated which will promote/enhance safety, minimize employee liability claims, and/or prevent property damage. College or departmental area completes and submits the grant application to the Risk Management Department.  See: Grant ApplicationThese forms should be emailed to Mark Kebert in the Risk Management Department. 
  • Risk Management Department will accumulate all applications submitted throughout the year. Each quarter an award will be made to the top application(s) received to date. On September 30th, additional awards may be made if funds are available. (Note: If an application is not chosen in the year submitted, the department must resubmit for consideration in the next grant year.)

Evaluation Method

Applications will be evaluated based on anticipated effectiveness and loss mitigation eminence as applicable to:

  • Supporting the University mission
  • Risk/loss likelihood and impact to the Institution
  • Relatedness to risk categories identified within the University’s Enterprise Risk Management initiative:  http://www.purdue.edu/ia/erm/index.html
  • Measurability and magnitude of mitigation impact

Additional Notes

Awards are granted at the discretion of a committee comprised of the University Risk Manager, a representative from Human Resources, a representative from Faculty Senate, and a representative from Physical Facilities.

If you have any questions regarding this grant, please contact Mark Kebert at 765-494-7695.