Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi, Professor

Denise Caldwell, Ph.D. student

Rebecca (BeKa) Leuschen-Kohl, Ph.D. student

Katherine Rivera-Zuluaga, Ph.D. student

Sana Mohammad, Ph.D. student

Abbie Rogers, Ph.D. student

Former Post-docs, Research Scientists, and Graduate Students 

Former Post-docs

Dr. Valerian Meline, Director of Phenotyping, University of Utrecht, Netherlands

Dr. Narender Kumar, current Post-Doc in Dr. Jeff Dangl lab, UNC Chapel Hill

Dr. Mina Rostamza, Senior Scientist, Bio-Rad

Dr. Bong-Suk Kim, Growth Facilities manager, Purdue University

Dr. Rucha Karve, Biology Lecturer, Purdue University

Dr. Pratibha Choudhary

Dr. Te-Ming Tseng, Associate Professor, Mississippi State University

Former Graduate Students

Dr. Rachel Hiles, Risk Assessment Scientist, Bayer

Dr. Tri Tran, postdoc with Dr. Sarah Lebeis, Michiga State University

Dr. Elizabeth French, Manager, Soil Biome at Nutrien Ag Solutions

Frank Suarez-Roman, MS 2017, 

Former Undergraduate Students

Mitchell Carty, Purdue University, 2018 – 2019

Viktor Phelps, Purdue University, 2016

Brian Rice, Senior Capstone Research, Purdue University, 2015

Valeria Cancino, Purdue University, 2015

Luke Stepan, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), 2014

Melanie Wilson, Purdue University, 2014

Visiting Scholars

Maria Camila Jaramilla, ICESI University, Summer exchange, 2018

Triwarat Rujikiadtichok (JJ), Silpakorn University, Summer exchange, 2019

Felipe Gomez, ICESI University, Summer exchange, 2018

Mateo Serna, Universidad de los Llanos, Colombia, 2015 – 2016

Natalia Lireros, ICESI University, Summer exchange, 2014

High School Students

Chloe Caldwell, McCutcheon High School, 2016 – 2018

Ethan Smiley, Beech Grove High School, 2017 – 2018

Shelby Roberts, Lafayette Jefferson High School, 2013 – 2014


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