Organizing Committee

Chair: Sophie A. Lelièvre, Associate Professor of Basic Medical Sciences
Leader, Breast Cancer Discovery Group, NCI-designated Purdue Center for Cancer Research

Co-Chair: Connie Weaver, Distinguished Professor of Foods and Nutrition
Deputy Director, Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute-CTSI

Dorothy Teegarden, Professor of Foods and Nutrition
Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Branch, Oncological Sciences Center

Rebecca W. Doerge, Professor of Statistics
Director, Statistical Bioinformatics

Jakob Jensen, Assistant Professor of Communication
Leader, Cancer Communication Group, Oncological Sciences Center

George Moore, Associate Professor, Cancer Epidemiologist
Director, Clinical Trial Group, Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine

Strategic planning:

Julie Nagel (Managing Director, Oncological Sciences Center); Sandra Liu (Professor, Department of Consumer Sciences); Perry Kirkham (Project Coordinator Purdue University, Office of the Vice President for Research), Emma Clohessy(undergraduate student, Political Science)


Candiss Vibbert (Associate Vice Provost for Engagement), Kris Swank (Project Coordinator, Oncological Sciences Center); Beth Steurer (Director of Donor Relations, Purdue Center for Cancer Research); Lindsay Roberts and Kathryn Walters(Conference coordinator, Purdue Conference Division)


Carolyn Curiel (Clinical Professor, Policy); Ricardo Uauy (Professor of Public Health Nutrition, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine); John Milner (Director, Nutrition and Cancer Prevention Branch, NIH)

Sponsor Relations:

Betsy Liley (Assistant Vice President for Corporate and Foundation Relations), Mary-Jo Bartolacci (Senior Director of Philanthropy for Discovery Park), Tim Bobillo (Director of Development, Purdue Center for Cancer Research), Beverly Davenport Sypher (Associate Provost for Special Initiatives, Julie Goonewardene (Assocate Director of Technology Commercialization), Debbie Davis (TRIAD Public Relations)


Phillip Fiorini (Senior Communications/Marketing Specialist), Amy Paterson (Communications/Marketing Specialist ), Angela Roberts (Graphic Designer/Writer)

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