Extension Programs

Wood Research Lab assists wood products manufacturers and consumers in gaining the greatest benefit from responsible use of wood by developing new knowledge to reduce raw material costs, improve processing technologies, and encourage innovation in product development, thus integrating industrial competitiveness with natural resource conservation through science and engineering.

Current Extension Programs:program extension
  • Trees Fall for Me, Safely – “Introductory” Session  (Cassens)
  • Trees Fall for Me, Safely – “Advanced” Session – (Cassens)
  • Hardwood Lumber, Grading, Manufacturing and Pricing – 3/29/17 (Cassens)
  • Magical Wood, Youth Program (Haviarova)
  • Wood – The Most Sustainable Biomaterials (Haviarova)
  • Wood Science 101 (Gazo, Cassens, Haviarova)
  • The Shrinking and Swelling of Wood and Its Effect on Furniture (Haviarova, Eckelman)
  • School Furniture for Developing World (Haviarova)
  • Wood Products and International Trade (Haviarova)
  • Sustainable Product Development (Haviarova)
  • Furniture Performance Testing (Haviarova, Eckelman)

IHLA Scheduled Events