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Kate Riley

Landscape/maintenance crew chief - Grounds Department

Kate Riley

What do you do at Purdue?

I'm in charge of a crew of 14 employees who perform a wide variety of grounds maintenance activities including cleanup, shrub bed maintenance, pruning, leaf removal and snow removal.

Which woman has inspired you most? Why?

I've long been inspired by women who are independent, self-motivated and visionary in nontraditional roles. Amelia Earhart is a perfect example of such a woman.

What are your goals and experiences with mentoring or encouraging others?

I try to lead by example. I have a strong work ethic, and a loyalty to the Grounds Department and the University as a whole. I strongly believe in communication as an important tool in accomplishing work effectively and efficiently. I strive to treat people fairly, offering constructive direction when necessary and praise when earned. My goal is to elicit the strengths that exist in each person, in order to aid in his or her success as an employee and our overall success as Purdue's Grounds Department.