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Denise Bradford

Second-year master's student - Department of Statistics

Denise Bradford

What do you do at Purdue?

I am currently a second-year master's student in the College of Science, Department of Statistics. I plan to graduate in May.

Which woman has inspired you most? Why?

The woman that has inspired me the most here at Purdue would be Dr. Rebecca W. Doerge, head of the Department of Statistics. The reason that she has been such a huge inspiration to me would be mostly because she has an incredible work ethic that many don't see. I would also like to point out that she has the ability to be both caring and hard on those whom she can see potential in. Her ability to mentor young women along with herself has been extremely inspirational.

What are your goals and experiences with mentoring or encouraging others?

My goals and experiences with mentoring and encouraging others would be to lead by example. The harder you work to be a better person, the more people will respect the outcome. As for mentoring, I believe that many students should see the good with the bad; being completely honest has much more benefit than making people believe that you are perfect. To share my story every day with anyone that would listen will soon inspire the next. A humble beginning with many bumps and bruises along the way merits a strong successful outcome. My favorite quote to tell people who look up to me would be this from Victor Kiam: "Even when you fall on your face you are still moving forward."