Punch and Die Operations

Provided by: ToolingU

This class introduces the common sheet metal operations performed with the help of dies and presses. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe metal forming
  • Distinguish between cold working and hot working
  • Identify the forces applied to sheet metal
  • Describe shearing
  • Distinguish between blanking and punching
  • Describe fine blanking
  • Describe cutoff and parting
  • Distinguish between notching and lancing
  • Describe shaving
  • Describe bending
  • Identify bending operations
  • Distinguish between embossing and coining
  • Describe drawing
  • Describe trimming and curling
  • Describe necking and bulging.

Recommended Background

  • This program is designed for any manager, manufacturing and process engineer, tool and die designer, tool and die engineer and technician, estimator, tool and die room supervisor.

Course ID


Skill Focus

Smart Business



Employee Type

New Applicants, Operations team, 1st level supervisor

Method of Delivery


Estimated Effort

2 hrs



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