What is Soldering?

Provided by: Tooling U - SME

This class provides an overview of the basic tools and components used for soldering, briefly explores the importance of soldering to the electronics industry, and covers basic procedures for soldering preparation, safety, and cleanup.

Course Objectives:

  • Define soldering
  • Define solder
  • List the advantages of soldering
  • List the disadvantages of soldering
  • Define flux
  • List the common types of flux
  • Compare and contrast manual soldering with machine soldering
  • Provide general background on soldering in the electronics industry
  • Explain what happens during the soldering process
  • List the tools and accessories used in soldering
  • Discuss basic soldering preparation and safety procedures.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for all personnel working on the assembly line of a plant, particulary handling electronic products.

Course ID


Skill Focus



Tooling U - SME

Employee Type

New Applicants, Operations teams, 1st level supervisor

Method of Delivery


Estimated Effort

1.5 hrs



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