Introduction to Digital Twin

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Digital twins are dynamic virtual models of physical assets. Using smart sensors embedded in the physical asset, digital twins are able to provide real-time design and performance insights, helping improve operations, develop better parts and products, and test parts and machines throughout production. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the cloud, and data sharing along the digital thread is making digital twins more powerful. As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart technology drives Industry 4.0, an increasing number of manufacturing applications will use digital twins. Understanding the basics of digital twin technology will help manufacturers utilize them effectively. After taking this class, users will be able to describe what digital twins are, how they function and are used, and identify the different types.

Course Objectives:

  • Define digital twin
  • Explain how a digital twin functions
  • Explain the uses of a digital twin
  • Describe using a digital twin to virtually test a part
  • Describe using a digital twin to virtually test a machine
  • Explain how digital twins are made
  • Describe the different types of digital twins.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for new & experienced leaders and managers preparing for the Industry 4.0.

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Skill Focus

Smart Technology



Employee Type

Leadership, Change Leaders

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Estimated Effort

1.5 hrs



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