Cybersecurity for Manufacturing: Malware Overview

Provided by: ToolingU

In addition to traditional computer worms and viruses, criminal hackers create other types of malware, such as spyware, Trojans, and ransomware, to attack digital networks. They also employ phishing and other social engineering tactics to manipulate users into performing actions that plant malware onto systems. Manufacturers should be aware of vulnerabilities associated with all their digital assets and have a basic understanding of the range of tools criminal hackers may use to compromise these assets. After taking this course, users will be able to recognize malware threats. Users will also understand the basic strategies of criminal hackers and ways to defend against them.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the risk of malware associated with IIoT technology
  • Describe social engineering and phishing tactics
  • Identify ways to recognize phishing attacks
  • Describe how Trojan horse attacks function
  • Describe how spyware attacks function
  • Describe how ransomware attacks function
  • Describe how DDoS attacks function
  • Identify methods for protecting against malware
  • Describe considerations for promoting user responsibility and awareness for cybersecurity
  • Identify common strategies for responding to malware threats
  • Explain the purpose of mirror servers and server clusters.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for new & experienced leaders and managers preparing for the Industry 4.0.

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Skill Focus

Smart Technology



Employee Type

Leadership, Change Leaders

Method of Delivery


Estimated Effort

1.5 hrs



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