Conflict Resolution Principles

Provided by: ToolingU

This class covers the basic steps that a manager can take to resolve conflicts in the workplace and help ensure that the same conflicts do not return. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Course Objectives:

  • Distinguish between cognitive and affective conflicts
  • List the four elements of workplace conflict
  • Define interdependence
  • Define mutual blame
  • Define emotional involvement
  • Describe negative results
  • List the steps of the conflict resolution process
  • Describe the problems of reaching an agreement
  • Describe the necessary qualities of a final agreement
  • Explain what to do after an agreement
  • Explain the different response styles to conflict people have
  • Describe how to avoid contests
  • Describe how to avoid taking sides
  • Describe how a company can learn from conflicts.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for anyone currently in a leadership / managerial role or aspiring to become one.

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Skill Focus

Smart People



Employee Type

Leadership, Change leaders

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Estimated Effort

1.5 hrs



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