Statistical Process Control

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Studies the fundamental tools of statistical process control which are used in industry to reduce costs and increase productivity at a predictable quality level.  Emphasizes principles and techniques of statistical process control to ensure that prevention instead of detection of problems is practiced. Includes basic statistical and probability theory, sampling techniques, process control charts, the nature of variation, histograms, and attribute and variable charts.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe and demonstrate the fundamentals of statistical process control
  • Describe and apply the philosophy of statistical process control and contrast it with inspection and other quality techniques
  • Generate and interpret basic control charts
  • Interpret control charts using statistical analysis to identify “Out of control” patterns
  • Analyze data using Special Process Control procedures (i.e., CUSUM charts, SPC for short runs, SPC for continuous processes, linear regression)
  • Perform evaluations and analyses of measurement systems (including automatic data collection)
  • Perform capability studies to include calculation and interpretation of capability indices, process improvement techniques, and case study analysis
  • Develop procedures for implementing and maintaining successful SPC programs
  • Demonstrate ability to read and interpret technical documents
  • Demonstrate ability to use various types of software applicable to course.

Recommended Background

  • None

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Qual 102

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