Transportation Systems

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Transportation Systems examines the structure and importance of the commercial transportation industry in the logistics sector of business. Topics covered include an in-depth examination of the various modes of transportation including discussions of regulations, economics, characteristics, and development in major transportation modes. Also discussed are costing and pricing issues in transportation and relationship management between buyers and sellers of transportation.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the role and history of transportation in both public and private sector commerce
  • Select the best mode of transportation given product attributes and costs associated with the selected transportation mode
  • Discuss the development and operation of carrier operation in motor carriers, railroads, water carriers, air carriers, pipeline, and international transportation
  • Summarize the regulations and cost structure of carrier operation in motor carriers, railroads, water carriers, air carriers, and pipeline
  • Calculate costing and pricing in transportation
  • Describe the importance of relationship management
  • Discuss proper techniques for the negotiation and bidding process
  • Explain Safety principles related to logistics
  • Explain key warehousing principles such as receiving, storage, order cycle practices and inspection
  • Explain order management principles such as staging, labeling, and loading
  • Discuss protective packaging and materials handling
  • Review hazmat documentation and MSDS
  • Explain import and export control including customs and regulatory compliance.

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