Commercial Driver’s Internship

Provided by: Ivy Tech

 Prepares the student for entry into the commercial truck driving industry with the opportunity to work in a commercial truck driving environment that is specifically related to their career objectives.  Students gain on-the-job experience while earning credit toward an associate degree.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain practical on-the-job experience in commercial truck driving
  • Develop an applied knowledge of the commercial truck driving industry
  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate problems and information
  • Apply problem solving skills using critical thinking
  • Demonstrate professionalism through time management, ethics and standards of conduct
  • Prepare a professional report documenting the co-op/internship experience.

Recommended Background

  • LOGM 102 Commercial Driver’s License Application, LOGM 103 Commercial Driver’s Vehicles Operations I, and LOGM 104 Commercial Driver’s Vehicles Operations II

Course ID

LOGM 180

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