Introduction to Logistics

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Introduces students to the various components of logistics with emphasis on how logistics relate to manufacturing operations. Topics will include logistics systems, supply chain management, order, demand inventory and warehouse management, and the control systems and automated components of logistics systems. Logistics concepts are approached from a manufacturing perspective with a focus on system integration and automation and lean manufacturing applications.  This course incorporates mandatory certification assessment for the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) certifications.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the economic importance of logistics in both individual applications and global implications
  • Understand the role of logistics in modern manufacturing
  • Understand the effect of distribution in customer service relationships
  • Define supply chain management and understand issues involved in creating and maintaining supply chain strategies
  • Discuss the different types of information systems and their use in logistics systems
  • Distinguish the basic concepts and characteristics of different forms of transportation and the influence of transportation on plant and warehouse locations
  • Apply techniques and methods for effective inventory management from a lean manufacturing perspective
  • Design a warehouse operation layout considering safety, material handling, automation, information systems and lean manufacturing concepts
  • Discuss global implications of supply chain management and logistics systems with respect to current technology
  • Explain the central components of a logistics system and their integration
  • Analyze improvement opportunities for today’s manufacturing logistics systems.

Recommended Background

  • None

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LOGM 127

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