Commercial Drivers Vehicles Operations II

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 Students will continue the practice until mastery of the pre-trip inspection which is a critical component of passing the CDL A exam.  Administrative and professional components of being a professional driver are discussed and explained including, hours of service, accident reporting, personal health, communication and Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CAS).  This course must be taken concurrently with LOGM 102 and LOGM 103.  Upon successful completion of LOGM 100, 102, 103, and 104 the student will be eligible to take the CDL A examination.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the importance of preventive maintenance and servicing to prevent breakdowns and accidents
  • Discuss the importance of diagnosing and reporting vehicle malfunctions as well as the student’s role in troubleshooting
  • Review the importance of properly handling cargo including proper and legal securement
  • Summarize the basics of freight documentation
  • Describe hazardous material basics, and what responsibilities are associated with hazardous material transportation
  • Explain hours of service regulations, including the operating within the legal limits and accurately completing a driver’s record of duty status
  • Plan all aspects of the trip from having proper paperwork on hand, to planning an efficient and legal route of travel
  • Explain accident scene procedures as well as fire prevention
  • Discuss the many security issues facing truck drivers today
  • Review a variety of subjects that together make for an alert, health, and safe driver.

Recommended Background

  • PREREQUISITES: LOGM 100 Commercial Driver’s License Theory COREQUISITES: LOGM 102 Commercial Driver’s License Application  and LOGM 103 Commercial Drivers Vehicles Operations I.

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LOGM 104

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