Motoman Robotic Programming

Provided by: Ivy Tech

Introduces the basic theory, operation, and programming of Yaskawa industrial robots and their applications through simulations and hands-on laboratory activities.  Students will be ready to certify in Basic Robotic Programming at the completion of this course.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify safety hazards and apply safe working practices when working with automated equipment
  • Demonstrate ability to create and set up a robotic work cell
  • Demonstrate an ability to properly start up, operate, and shut down an industrial robot
  • Create and execute robot programs in teach mode and playback mode
  • Demonstrate ability to define tool center points
  • Develop an understanding of various coordinate systems used in robotic programming
  • Demonstrate ability to backup and restore robot programs
  • Demonstrate an ability to recover robot operation from common faults
  • Demonstrate an ability to monitor and operate robot inputs & outputs
  • Create and execute MACRO’s
  • Demonstrate an ability to create programs with subroutine structure
  • Recognize how multiple robots, PLC’s, and CNC types of equipment integrate with each other.

Recommended Background

  • None

Course ID

ADMF 117

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