Automation-Mecatronics Mechanical Systems

This course covers the basics of mechanical components and electrical drives in a complex mechatronic system; Based upon a physical system, students will learn the basic functions and physical properties of mechanical components as well as electrical drives (AC and DC), and the roles they play within the system; They will also learn about mechanical components which lead and support the energy through a mechanical system to increase efficiency and to reduce wear and tear; Materials, lubrication requirements and surface properties will be examined; Technical documentation such as data sheets and specifications of mechanical elements and electrical drives will also be covered; By understanding the interworkings of the complete system, students will learn and apply troubleshooting strategies to identify, localize and (where possible) to correct malfunctions; Preventive maintenance of mechanical elements and electrical drives as well as safety issues within the system will be discussed;

Course Objectives:

  • 1 Understand the hazards of electromechanical equipment and apply safe working practices
  • 2 Explain the role of various mechanical components within a given system or module
  • 3 Trace and describe the flow of energy in a given mechatronic system or subsystem

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