Supervision and Teams at Work

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Introduces basic employee development with emphasis on the responsibilities of a newly-appointed supervisor.  Emphasizes organizational structure, motivation, delegation of authority, interviews, orientation and induction of new employees, employee performance evaluations and dealing with employee conflict.

Course Objectives:

  • Define the role and responsibilities of a supervisor
  • Describe the essential concepts of effective leadership skills
  • Explain the various supervisory management styles
  • Explain the importance of the communication process to positive employee relations
  • Describe the planning function as it relates to necessary skills and techniques involved in tactical and strategic planning as well as effective time management
  • Identify and apply the concepts of relationship building and conflict management
  • Discuss the supervisory manager’s role in leading change in the manufacturing workplace
  • Explain the characteristics of effective teams and work groups
  • Incorporate appropriate technology to support and enhance oral presentations
  • Describe the methods of selection, orientation, training, performance appraisals, promotion, and compensation of new and existing employees
  • Explain equal employment opportunity, diversity and management of legally protected employees
  • Discuss the role of complaints, grievances, and labor unions in regards to supervisory activities

Recommended Background

  • None

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ADMF 106

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