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Retirees Council

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life created the Student Life Retirees Council in June 2018. Its charge is to maintain and enhance our organizational and personal relationships with Student Life retirees, providing opportunities for interaction, service and stewardship to Purdue.

Current council members and their departmental affiliations are:

  • Linda Bucy, Purdue Memorial Union
  • Terry Clayton, Purdue Memorial Union
  • Tim Gennett, University Residences Capital Planning
  • Roy Johnson, University Bands
  • Max Jones, University Bands
  • Jim Marciniak, Recreation & Wellness
  • Kathy Matter, University Bands
  • Betty Nelson, Dean of Students
  • Jim Westman, PUSH
  • Lanny Wilson, University Residences
  • Marilyn Yoder, University Residences

For more information, please contact Cassia Dean, coordinator of engagement and outreach, at