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News and resources for Division of Student Affairs web administrators and marketing coordinators

AfterClass: A new student-centric site for Student Affairs services

Check out AfterClass - a new site designed for and by students. Launched Fall 2013.

Cascade Users Group on Mixable

Is your site on Cascade? Join the Cascade CMS Developers Mixable group for help and sharing best practices! For more information, contact Kris Knotts.

Social Media Policy

Purdue has introduced a new social media policy will help the University more effectively share its stories through increasingly popular new media.

The new policy, which can be read at www.purdue.edu/policies/information-technology/viic2.html, requires registration of each official Purdue social media account, including accounts of professional areas, offices, colleges, schools, organizations and other units. The registration page is at http://marketing.purdue.edu/jump/ec7e. Personal social media accounts are exempt from this policy. Please register all Purdue-related social media accounts.

Shared Media Drive 

A shared multimedia drive for Student Affairs web admins and marketing coordinators has been created in order to share the best photos and graphics with each other for use in print and on the web. It should appear as follows in your shared directories list:

1061fs02/1061ssmedia/vpsamm/Student Affairs Shared Media

Please keep it organized by department name by creating folders as necessary and name your files with good descriptions so that it is easy to quickly glance and find images and graphics. If you require access to this, please email jamesbritton@purdue.edu

PurdueBoard Autumn 2012 Re-Launch

During summer 2012, we made improvements to PurdueBoard in order to create a better experience. PurdueBoard is the best way to find out what's happening on campus. Check out the improvements implemented during August 2012.


(replaced Urchin, please see Marketing & Media if assistance is required setting this up)

Student Affairs Web Administrators and Communications Coordinators


Communications Contact

Center for Career Opportunities Iyad Uakoub iyad@purdue.edu
Convocations Abby Eddy aeeddy@purdue.edu
Office of the Dean of Students Jessica Mellady jmellady@purdue.edu
ODOS/Horizons Rosa Villareal villarrr@purdue.edu
ODOS/Student Activities & Organizations Joanna Sharp joannasharp@purdue.edu
ODOS Rob Mate rmate@purdue.edu
Purdue Musical Organizations Steve Schlenk sschlenk@purdue.edu
Purdue Student Health Center Patrick Hawkins
PUSH/CAPS Don Werden
Recreational Sports Eric Smoldt
ROTC - Air Force, Army, Navy Karen Bassett
University Bands Susan Xioufaridou
University Residential Life Danielle Fawbush dfawbush@purdue.edu
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs James Britton jamesbritton@purdue.edu
PurdueBoard James Britton/Heike Hartwich purdueboard@purdue.edu
Student Affairs marks and icons
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