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Banner INB, Cognos, Degree Works, TouchNet and Xtender Access Requests

Access to these Student Applications may be requested on line.  In order to be able to submit a role assignment request, you must be either the department head or the assigned proxy for your area.   The list of approved role requestors appears as a link to an Excel spreadsheet on the role request submission form.  You can not submit a request for access for yourself.  If you need assistance in setting up or revising an approved role requestor for your area, contact the Student Affairs Data Steward.


Required Certifications

Everyone is required to complete online FERPA, GLBA, Data Handling and Protecting SSN certifications by going to WebCert. All certifications are recorded automatically in the database. 
FERPA and GLBA certifications are required annually, and you will receive a notice to re-certify your FERPA and GLBA at 30 days prior to expiration.  If not completed, an additional reminder notice is sent at 7 days prior to the expiration of the certifications.  Not completing your certifications will result in your account being locked.  Accounts that remain locked for 6 months are automatically deleted. 


Requesting Access  

The access request for these systems is done on line.  Click here to submit a request for access.


Who are the Approved Role Requestors? 

Use this SharePoint link to access the information on who the approved role requestors are.  If a change is needed, please contact dan@purdue.edu.


What Role Do I Request 

A data dictionary is provided on the web site that contains the information on the intended audience for each role.  If you are uncertain as to what role to assign, each of the Information Owner areas is listed below:



  • AdmProfiles:  (Admissions profiles) Office of Admissions
  • ARProfiles: (Accounts Receivable profiles) Bursar's Office
  • FinProifiles: (Financial Aid profiles) Division of Financial Aid
  • GradProfiles: (Grad school profiles) Graduate School
  • RegProfiles: (Registrar profiles) Office of the Registrar
  • TouchNet: Bursar's Office
  • Xtender: Contacts provided in the data dictionary
  • Cognos:  Stephanie Drake
  • Degree Works:  Office of the Registrar
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