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Employee Performance Assessment in Student Affairs

The following assessments are used in various departments:

Self Assessment Intermural Supervisor Self Evaluation Form Dean of Students Self Review document Registrar Clerical Self Evaluation form
Peer Review SSTA Staff Apraisal form Student Health Center Urgent Care Peer Review form VPSA Business Office Peer Review form
Performance Review SSTA Administrative/Professional Performance Evaluation form SATS Peformance Evaluation form DFA Performance Evaluation form Student Health Center Director's Employee Performance Review form Student Health Center Employee Performance Review form Center for Career Opportunities Individual Progress Report form Admissions Performance Evaluation form Recreational Sports Instructor Evaluation form
Recreational Sports Administrative and Professional Performance Feedback form CONVOS Performance Appraisal form Registrar Clerical Evaluation form Registrar Administrative/Professional Evaluation form VPSA Business Office Secretarial/Clerical Performance Evaluation form VPSA Secretarial/Clerical Performance Evaluation form Dean of Students Performance & Professional Development Instument form University Development Administrative and Professional Evaluation form
Customer Review SSTA Customer Service Survey    
Leadership Assessment SSTA Direct Supervisor Feedback Survey VPSA Business Office Supervisor Feedback form  
Other SSTA Department Heads Importance and Satisfaction Survey Student Health Center Patient Survey Dean of Students Satisfaction Survey Review of Different Area Goals
Inventory Summary Employee Performance Assessment Activities in Student Affairs