Purdue Today

December 17, 2009

Employment milestones of clerical, service staff recognized

More than 400 members of the clerical and service staff were honored Dec. 1 at the annual recognition luncheon in the North and South Ballrooms, Purdue Memorial Union.

40 years: Darrell Burton, operations and maintenance; Diana Cable-Whitworth, communication; Larry Campbell, chemical engineering; Maureen Earhart, alumni association; Coleen Flanagan, physics; Richard Jones, grounds; Linda Keegan, IT teaching and learning technologies; Carol Sprague, Office of the Indiana State Chemist; Edwin Young, operations and maintenance.

35 years: Cynthia Boone, agronomy; Karen Clymer, agronomy; John Erwin, building services; Virginia Ewing, earth and atmospheric sciences; Hugh Fultz, operations and maintenance; Anica Gallivan, biological sciences; Robert Haines, IT teaching and learning technologies; Rebecca Harshman, child development and family studies; Karen Heide, chemical engineering; Susan Honey, marketing and media; Joannie Laster, Earhart Residence Hall; Marilyn McCammack, foods and nutrition; Ellin McFall, Office of the Indiana State Chemist; Janice Meharry, Purdue University Student Health Center; Mark Melvin, operations and maintenance; Michael Poling, horticulture and landscape architecture; Nancy Rockstroh, Center for Career Opportunities; Esther Sharp, Harrison Residence Hall; Tracey Simmerman, forestry and natural resources; Geraldine Thompson, Center for Instructional Excellence; Mary Wise, agriculture administration. 

30 years: Richard Bixler, Purdue Memorial Union; Kathy Brickler, alumni association; Ruth Brown, veterinary medicine administration; Douglas Burton, building services; Keith Cain, operations and maintenance; Cheryl Chapple, Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory; Jean Clithero, forestry and natural resources; Julie Clugh, Earhart Residence Hall; Mark Cochran, operations and maintenance; Micheal Collins, Davis - Purdue Agricultural Center; Lillian Conarroe, libraries; Keith Coopman, First Street Towers Residence Hall; Cynthia Crystal, mechanical engineering; Cathy Decamp, construction inspectors; Betty Dexter, chemistry; Diana Dexter, electrical and computer engineering; Robert Fagan, chemistry; Debra Felix, Diversity Resource Office; Lisa Ford, building services; Sandy Formica, physics; William Garner, agronomy farm; Betty Gick, mathematics; Jennifer Hewitt, Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory; Jimmy Holbrook, Cary Quadrangle; Kevin Jackson, operations and maintenance; Thomas Jaskal, operations and maintenance; Jack Johnson, operations and maintenance; Audrey Jones, building services; Joan Jones, business office Purdue Memorial Union; Thomas Jonker, operations and maintenance; Kathy Kincade, earth and atmospheric sciences; Marilyn Kretzmeier, accounts payable and travel; Michael Leap, Windsor Residence Halls; Dennis Linder, Animal Sciences Research Farms; Joe Mahoney, materials management distribution; William Maschino, Southeast-Purdue Agricultural Center; Mark Needham, building services; Bonnie Payne, Harrison Residence Hall; Kimdiep Pham-Ly, biological sciences; James Pierce, high voltage; Barbara Probasco, animal sciences; Catherine Ralston, civil engineering; Juanita Robertson, agriculture administration; Paul Rose, utilities distribution; Debbie Roudebush, Wiley Residence Hall; Robin Roudebush, building services; Barbara Schafer, Purdue Memorial Union; Michael Shirley, materials management distribution; Michael Shively, chemistry; Marilyn Silver, Windsor Residence Halls; Glenda Smith, bursar; Mary Snowberger, Earhart Residence Hall; Michael Solomon, libraries; Donna Sturm, admissions; Lonnie Swartz, aviation technology; Delbert Thurston, building services; Michele Van Allen, business services computing; Vicky Walker, purchasing; Lisa Wright, basic medical sciences; Judith Yost, industrial and physical pharmacy; Ethel Ziemer, Cary Quadrangle. 

25 years: Diana Akers, mechanical engineering; Marilyn Barefoot, health sciences; Elizabeth Baronowsky, psychological sciences; Cherie Barr, Purdue University Student Health Center; Kimberly Barrett, business office Purdue Memorial Union; Charla Benner, pharmacy practice; Susan Benner, building services; Linda Boggs, Meredith Residence Hall; Kimberly Burke, Cary Quadrangle; Lance Campbell, operations and maintenance; Letitia Casebourn, Center for Instructional Excellence; Philip Cederquist, food stores; Randall Chase, Purdue Memorial Union; Richard Coffman, Graduate School administration; Jerry Cote, operations and maintenance; Dale Deyoung, fire department; Suzanne Evans, Windsor Residence Halls; Sandra Ewing, mechanical engineering technology; Robert Gregory, materials management distribution; Dawn Haan, foods and nutrition; James L. Hahn, Purdue Memorial Union; James J. Hahn, Purdue Memorial Union; Michael Hale, grounds; John Hardesty, operations and maintenance; Lisa Hartman, English; Nancy Hughes, liberal arts administration; Judy Johnson, accounts payable and travel; Susan Kesler, IT enterprise applications; Louella Ladd, Wiley Residence Hall; Carlene Linn, veterinary medicine administration; Karen Long, libraries; Jeffrey Lynch, central machine shop; Gary McDaniel, operations and maintenance; David Miller, IT teaching and learning technologies; Mark Newhart, operations and maintenance; Kathy O’Brien, intercollegiate athletics administration; Nancy Oswalt, financial aid; Linda Pedigo, Purdue Village; Stephen Purtzer, Cary Quadrangle; Jill Quirk, English; Paula Ratcliff, admissions; Ken Roswarski, operations and maintenance; Robert Ruch, marketing and media; Nick Rucker, Earhart Residence Hall; Virginia Sanders, Purdue Village; Gail Schrader, industrial technology; Mary Sego, libraries; Kevin Spires, chemistry; Patricia Steele, visual and performing arts; Angela Tatman, collections office; Gary Waters, animal sciences. 

20 years: Catherine Alkire, grounds; Glenda Allinder, office of international students and scholars; Matthew Barbee, materials management distribution; Fay Bell, Hillenbrand Residence Hall; Pamela Bowsher, Purdue Memorial Union; John Bridge, Hillenbrand Residence Hall; Brad Brooks, printing services; Geraldine Brown, collections office; Linda Bucy, Purdue Memorial Union; Wyatt Carmony, grounds; Anna Carter, Wiley Residence Hall; Sabina Castaneda, Wiley Residence Hall; Nancy Deaton, sponsored program services; Brenda Fisher, consumer and family sciences; Jerry Funk, building services; Joan Gardner, management administration and instruction; Janis Gosewehr, forestry and natural resources; Sue Grant, speech, language, and hearing sciences; Susan Gurley, printing services; Steven Hahn, mechanical engineering technology; Ramona Harden, Harrison Residence Hall; Elizabeth Hartman, political science; Cheryl Holdman, basic medical sciences; Sherryl Hunter, conference division; Michael Hurych, Meredith Residence Hall; Martha Jennings, Hawkins Hall; Clydene Johnson, heat and power administration; Yolanda Jonker, psychological sciences; Sue Kincade, Earhart Residence Hall; Wanda Larsen, pharmacy, nursing and health sciences administration; Richard Lofland, housing and food services; Margie Longfellow, Hawkins Hall; Craig MacDonald, chemistry; Jo Ann Mahlke, registrar; David McCoskey, grounds; Bridget McDaniel, Wiley Residence Hall; Brenda McDonald, Center for Instructional Excellence; Fran Memmer, radiological and environmental management; Robert Meredith, Purdue Memorial Union; Sharon Merkel, alumni association; Gloria Mullins, accounts payable and travel; James Muthig, Cary Quadrangle; Liuying Ni, comparative pathobiology; Sheila Niccum, chemistry; Karen Nipple, comparative pathobiology; Cheryl Oliver, libraries; Richard Pierson, libraries; Daniel Plantenga, fire department; Mary Presley, Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory; Kathryn Ragheb, basic medical sciences; Cecil Ray, heat and power administration; Shellie Rodarmel, Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory; Keith Rothenberger, transportation services; Vickie Sanders, philosophy; Karen Schneider, forestry and natural resources; Candace Scott, libraries; Marilynn Shonkwiler, libraries; Eva Skrzypczak, Harrison Residence Hall; Barbara Snyder, pharmacy, nursing and health sciences administration; Mary Speakman, Cary Quadrangle; Edwin Stephenson, intercollegiate athletics administration; Lynn Stocksick, conference division; Shelly Stockton, Hillenbrand Residence Hall; Sue Stutler, Earhart Residence Hall; Rosalee Swanson, Hilltop Apartments; Brenda Thomas, IT customer relations; Marci Trippett, building services; Brian Ullrich, operations and maintenance; Terrence Vanhoosier, radiological and environmental management; James Vetzel, radiological and environmental management; David Wagoner, operations and maintenance; Cecelia Walter, vice president for student services; Aggie Ward, curriculum and instruction; Barbara Watkins, building services; Janet Whaley, botany and plant pathology; Garry Williams, agricultural and biological engineering; Lula Wortman, Purdue Memorial Union; Scott Wright, Hillenbrand Residence Hall.

15 years: Christine Adams, building services; Anna Anderson, Discovery Park administration; Peggy Ashley, printing services; Kenneth Baker, Hall of Music operating; Daniel Bauerle, Southeast-Purdue Agricultural Center; James Bower, operations and maintenance; Alonzo Branson, printing services; J. Max Bryan, grounds; Susan Burge, marketing and media; Steven Carney, Owen Residence Hall; Ruthie Chesnut, consumer and family sciences; Frances Christman, libraries; Maria Conde, building services; Charlene Darnell, business office housing and food service; Mark Douglas, intercollegiate athletics administration; Alan Farrester, grounds; Carlos Flores, grounds; Rosa Flores, Cary Quadrangle; Jean Foust, liberal arts administration; Ethel Fultz, Windsor Residence Halls; Charles Gardner, grounds; Judith Haan, civil engineering; Walter Halsema, Hawkins Hall; Eddie Hands, Cary Quadrangle; Shelley Hawk, Purdue University Student Health Center; Elizabeth Hayes,, sociology; Barbara Henson, admissions; Linda Hines, youth development and agricultural education; Diane Hoffman, Animal Sciences Research Farms; Kevin Howard, physics; Kirk Justus, Purdue Village; Phillip Katter, building services; Jane Klinkhamer, admissions; Charline Koning, construction inspectors; Frances Laguire, IT networks and security; Frank Lambert, aviation technology; Xingya Liu, Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering; Darin Lowery, operations and maintenance; Randall Luff, Hawkins Hall; Sara Magallanes, Wiley Residence Hall; William Martin, grounds; Kimberly McIntosh, printing services; Sharilyn Mikesell, development office; Bryan Musser, operations and maintenance; Eric Myers, building services; Stephanie Rainey, radiological and environmental management; Violet Rainwater, operations and maintenance; Mary Russell, dean of students; Diane Sawyer, printing services; Michael Scantlin, operations and maintenance; Julie Sharp, parking facilities; RoseAnn Shirar, Hillenbrand Residence Hall; Carl Snowberger, building services; John Stock, Cary Quadrangle; Karen Studebaker, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering; Edward Sutton, heat and power administration; James Taylor, high voltage; Gloras Traylor, business office housing and food services; Ottlie Webb, institutional research; Douglas White, operations and maintenance; Steven Yeaman, printing services; Mike Zeltwanger, Animal Sciences Research Farms. 

10 years: Cynthia Allen, Windsor Residence Halls; Judy Aulby, management administration and instruction; Jill Begley, libraries; Sara Behnke, purchasing; Charlotte Bell, mechanical engineering; Jane Bline, intercollegiate athletics administration; Lynn Bowers, chemistry; Dave Brooks, building services; Charlotte Brown, Harrison Residence Hall; Monica Burke, Hilltop Apartments;, Patricia Burkhalter, consumer and family sciences; Veronica Carmony, veterinary medical teaching hospital; Brenda Carton, grounds; Fay Chan, history; Christina Cheng, Earhart Residence Hall; Scott Cochran, operations and maintenance; Catherine Connor, Purdue Memorial Union; Jennifer Cornell, construction inspectors; Diane Craig, foreign languages and literatures; Dianna Deputy, libraries; Lena Dispennett, development office; Bonnie Douglas, libraries; Randy Drake, grounds; Donna Dutton, chemistry; Kelly Ellis, operations and maintenance; Cheryl Farrar, Hall of Music operating; Misty Farrar, English; Jason Fink, operations and maintenance; Richard Gallatin, materials management distribution; Gregory Gick, building services; Linda Gilmore, intercollegiate athletics administration; Geraldine Hanthorne, Windsor Residence Halls; Yvonne Hardebeck, agricultural and biological engineering; Ann Hathaway, consumer and family sciences; Mark Hickman, office of university architect; Michael Hicks, IT teaching and learning technologies; Marsha Hill, libraries; Michael Humphrey, visual and performing arts; Nick Humphrey, central machine shop; Sara Hunley, student access, transition, success programs; Joan Jackson, aeronautics and astronautics; Donna Janssen, senior director for buildings and grounds; Terry Jenkins, operations and maintenance; Debra Johnson, university residences directors office; Mary Kendall, business office housing and food services; Cathleen, Layden, development office; Susan Linn, chemistry; Lewis Louderback, building services; Sandra Luff, Hawkins Hall; Eileen Mallery, agronomy; Cheryl Manny, Purdue University Student Health Center; Michael Manzini, Tarkington Residence Hall; Dana Mason, Purdue Memorial Union; Jennifer Maxson, office of vice president for information technology; John McCormick, building services; Melissa McCurley, psychological sciences; Gregory McKinney, heat and power administration; Lamona McMullen, Hawkins Hall; Lee Meadows, office of international students and scholars; Charlotte Miller, IT networks and security; Ali Miloudi, Purdue Memorial Union; Fran Misch, building construction management technology; John Moore, police department; Sharon Morphew, admissions; Arleen Mullikin, biological sciences; Daniel Munoz, Hillenbrand Residence Hall; Mercedes Munoz, Hillenbrand Residence Hall; Dennis Murray, operations and maintenance; Lisa Newton, Windsor Residence Halls; Patrick Osborn, operations and maintenance; Joanna Osterling, Hall of Music operating; Steven Pattison, operations and maintenance; Melissa Paxton, Harrison Residence Hall; Linda Peters, Hawkins Hall; Thomas Phelps, materials management distribution; Julianne Pierson, HTM food service; Thomas Plunkett, operations and maintenance; Angela Prather, Cary Quadrangle; John Prather, Cary Quadrangle; Janeen Redman, English; Janet Reed, bursar; Beth Robertson, University Press; Edeliza Robinos, IT networks and security; Jane Rodgers, printing services; Janice Runner, chemistry; Vincent Schutz, operations and maintenance; Elacia Seem, bursar; Jo Seidler, registrar; Nancy Shaw, veterinary clinical sciences; Leslie Shepperd, Purdue Village; Deborah Shockey, Purdue Memorial Union; Richard Sieber, biomedical engineering; Janet Siefers, admissions; Janice Sigman, Hall of Music operating; Mary Smith, consumer and family sciences; Kelly Stingle, libraries; Debra Sweet, operations and maintenance; Robert Tilley, building services; Marilyn Timmons, vice president for student services; Dennis Van Court, food stores; Mary Van Dyke, Hillenbrand Residence Hall; Aaron Veach, transportation services; Terry Wade, libraries; Sherry Wagner, management administration and instruction; Tina Warrick, Purdue Memorial Union; Larry Watkins, Windsor Residence Halls; Thomas Wetli, operations and maintenance; Eric Whitehead, horticulture and landscape architecture; Patricia Wiers, consumer and family sciences; Lesley Wiete, police department; Teresa Wilson, business office Purdue Memorial Union; Patricia Winter, operations and maintenance; Barbara Wise, Earhart Residence Hall; Melanie Woods, operations and maintenance.