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Phoebe M. Farris

Associate professor, art and design
(765) 494-3059/494-3058

Is an expert on multicultural issues in art; Native American art and culture; feminist art; art education; and art therapy. Is a private art therapist and co-author of "Art Therapy and Psychotherapy: Blending Two Therapeutic Approaches." Of Powhatan Indian descent, is active in national/international indigenous rights issues.

George H. Geahigan

Associate professor, art and design and curriculum and instruction
(765) 494-2378

Researches theory and art criticism, aesthetic theory and its applications to art education, curriculum theory and design, and philosophy of education.

F. Robert Sabol

Assistant professor, art and design
(765) 494-3058

Researches assessment, curriculum studies, multiculturalism, and gifted and talented education in visual arts. Was a public school elementary art teacher for 23 years.

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