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Business/public finance

David J. Denis

Associate professor, finance
(765) 494-4434

Research and teaching interests are in corporate finance, specializing in the areas of corporate governance and acquisition. Author of numerous technical papers on corporate finance, two of which were selected as outstanding papers in financial management by the Financial Management Association.

Wilbur "Bill" G. Lewellen

Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management
(765) 494-4397/494-4493

Researches business finance; taxation and public finance; portfolio management and investment analysis; executive compensation; and international finance. Has been an expert witness on rate of return in several dozen public utility rate cases. Frequently testifies before regulatory commissions.

John J. McConnell

Emanuel T. Weiler Professor of Management
(765) 494-5910

Has published research on and has expertise in corporate takeovers, market liquidity, derivatives, mergers, tender offers, junk bonds, corporate valuation, the stock market, mortgage finance, mortgage-backed securities and international stock markets. Has studied the difference between firms listed on NASDAQ and on the New York Stock Exchange.

P. Raghavendra Rau

Assistant professor, management
(765) 494-4488

Teaches corporate finance, mergers and aquisitions. Research topics include share repurchases, market efficiencies and the post aquisition performance of "glamour" stocks.

Keith V. Smith

Professor, management
(765) 494-7337

Teaches and researches investment management and securities markets. Has written five books and numerous articles.

Personal finance

Janet C. Bechman

Extension specialist, family resource management
(765) 494-8309

Has expertise in personal and family budgeting. Has special interest in credit and women's financial knowledge and decision making. Also interested in long-term care financing. An accredited financial counselor.

Sharon A. Devaney

Assistant professor, consumer science and retailing
(765) 494-8300

Expert in financial management over the life course and economic security in retirement. Researches retirement planning, financing long-term health care and financial well-being of the elderly. An accredited financial counselor.

John W. Hatcher

Assistant professor, management
(765) 494-4478

Is a certified public accountant. Teaches seminars and courses on federal income taxes, accounting and personal finance. Has won several teaching awards and is past president of the Indiana CPA Society. Consults with individuals and small

businesses on accounting and taxation issues.

Debra A. Street

Assistant professor, sociology
(765) 494-7855

Is an expert on health insurance, pension policy issues, Social Security and Medicare. Can also comment on the "politics of aging" and age-based interest groups such as the American Association of Retired Persons.

A. Charlene Sullivan

Associate professor, management
(765) 494-4382

Has published numerous articles on consumer credit, risk management, bankruptcy and personal financial planning. Served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 1991-1996. A 1994 recipient of Purdue's R.B. and Mary Stewart Distinguished Teaching Award and the 1998 Salgo Noren Teaching Award.

Flora L. Williams

Associate professor, consumer sciences and retailing
Director, Financial Counseling and Planning Program
(765) 494-8297

Has written three textbooks and more than 100 articles in the areas of family and consumer economics and family financial management. Is an expert in financial crisis intervention. Is part of a regional committee investigating the transition from welfare to the workforce. Serves as an expert witness in court cases involving economic value of family services.

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