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Stephen Hawkins

Assistant director, Purdue Agricultural Centers
(765) 494-8370

Has expertise in soil fertility and soil testing; fertilizer use; farm application of residential yard waste; and integrated crop management. Is conducting a manure composting pilot project at the Purdue Animal Science Research Center.

Crop nutrition

Sylvie M. Brouder

Assistant professor, agronomy
(765) 496-1489

Provides technical information on plant nutrition, nutrient management and cropping systems to farmers, county educators and industry. Research includes the relationships between roots and soils; nitrogen and potassium use and efficiency in Indiana corn and soybeans; and environmentally friendly fertilizer use and recommendations in Indiana, including precision farming recommendations.

Manure management

Alan L. Sutton

Professor, animal sciences
(765) 494-8012

Studies the effects of nutrition and intestinal microbiology of agricultural livestock, and how these variables change the composition of the livestock manure and its subsequent effects on the environment. Is investigating the relationship between animal diet and odor as well as animal diet and nutrient excretion (which is an important issue in water quality). Also studies the use of manure as a crop nutrient.

Don Jones

Professor, agricultural and biological engineering
(765) 494-1178

Extension and research interests include residential on-site wastewater systems (such as septic systems); and the housing and manure management of livestock.

Soil chemistry

Brad C. Joern

Associate professor, agronomy
(765) 494-9767

Research and extension interests include phosphorus and potassium retention in soils and their uptake by plants as well as manure management and biosolids applications in agriculture. Research goals are to determine the soil and environmental factors that control the retention and release of plant nutrients and metals in soils and to improve nutrient use efficiency of crops.

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