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Advertising influence/ consumer behavior

Richard A. Feinberg

Professor, consumer sciences and retailing
(765) 494-8303

Has written national studies on consumer behavior and retailing and has been published in major journals. Serves as consultant for several professional groups and has extensive experience with national print and broadcast media.

Richard N. Heslin

Associate professor, psychological sciences Coordinator, graduate research in consumer psychology
(765) 494-6891;

Researches consumer behavior. Has looked at how involvement affects response to advertising; personal attributes that lead to high spending; and the gift-giving mentality. Has developed a saver/spender scale to rate what types of gifts individual givers will buy.

Stephen Robb

Associate professor, communication
(765) 494-3310

Research interests include national advertising, psychographics (lifestyle and its effect on purchase decisions), advertising as problem-solving, and advertising of products for particular lifestyles. Has studied persuasion as it relates to recent history in politics and art.

Gender in advertising

Donald W. Rajecki

Professor, psychology, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
(317) 274-6766

Has researched and presented papers on gender-role stereotypes and gender casting in TV toy advertisements.

Political advertising

David M. Berg

Professor, communication
(765) 494-7781

Teaches advertising courses. Primary interests focus on the influence of mass communication on contemporary society, emphasizing the way in which media affect traditional forms of public communication such as political speaking.

Larry D. Smith

Associate professor, communication
(765) 494-7085

Researches presidential nominating conventions, television advertising and the popular media. Author of a book on the orchestration of political party conventions.

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