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Stephen T. Tiffany

Professor, addictive behavior
(765) 494-8509

Is expert on drug urges and cravings, drug tolerance and dependence, and treatments for cigarette smoking. Conducts human and animal studies on tolerance, dependence, craving and drug-taking behavior, looking at the contribution of learning and cognition to addictive disorders. Measures drug craving and its role in addiction.


Richard N. Heslin

Associate professor, psychological sciences
Coordinator, Graduate Research in Consumer
(765) 494-6891

Researches consumer behavior. Has studied how involvement affects response to advertising; personal attributes that lead to high spending; and the gift-giving mentality. Developed a saver/spender scale to rate what types of gifts an individual will buy.

Robert Meisel

Professor, psychological sciences
Director, Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Laboratory
(765) 494-7669

Studies how hormones alter the nervous system and how that affects behavior. Has published articles on neural and hormonal control of sexual behavior and aggression in animals.

Peter H. Schonemann

Professor, psychological sciences
(765) 494-6932

Studies the effect of genetics on human behavior. Says genetics play only a small role in intelligence and behavior. Teaches course about intelligence, or IQ, tests. Is opposed to using aptitude tests to predict future success of students.

Child psychology

Judith Elaine O. Blakemore

Associate professor, psychological sciences
Chair, Department of Psychological Sciences,
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
(219) 481-6342

Primary research interest is the development of gender roles. Studied the development of gender differences in the behaviors involved in interacting with and nurturing infants and young children.

Thomas J. Berndt

Professor, psychology
Head, Department of Psychological Sciences
(765) 494-6061

Co-edited "Peer Relationships in Child Development," (Wiley, 1989). Research interests in the area of social development. Studies include the development of friendships during childhood and adolescence; the effects of friendships on social and personality development; the processes and outcomes of peer influence; and moral judgments and reasoning. Has written a textbook on child development.

Jean E. Dumas

Professor psychological sciences
Research director, International Programs
(765) 494-0119

Is an expert on parent-child relationships, family problems and childhood aggression. Performs clinical work with families with psychological difficulties and treats aggressive children. Can discuss childhood aggression with regard to peer rejection and depression.

Gerald E. Gruen

Professor, psychology
(765) 494-6927

Has done research on stress and coping, including loneliness in adolescence and how children cope with chronic illness. Related research includes the development of moral judgment/values and cognitive development in children and adolescents.

Betsy Hoza

Associate professor, psychological science
(765) 494-6996

Research interests include motivation and achievement in children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Also studies peer relations, loneliness and self-concept in school-age children, and the treatment of ADHD.

Kathy E. Johnson

Assistant professor, psychology
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
(317) 274-6764

Research focuses on developmental differences in how children and adults acquire expertise and on the development of children's thinking and memory.

Theodore D. Wachs

Professor, psychological sciences
(765) 494-6996

Has researched the role of environment and individual differences on development in the first several years of life. Studies children's reactions to caregiver turnover in day-care settings. Other studies include the role of individual differences such as sex and temperament in mediating the impact of the environment on individuals, and measuring the impact of early temperament influences.

Information processing

Richard J. Schweickert

Professor, psychological sciences
(765) 494-7986

Researches how humans process information, as well as short-term memory and human factors. Studies what happens between the time a subject sees a stimulus and makes a response. Draws on the mathematical theory of scheduling, as applied in particular to the scheduling of jobs on computers.

Interpersonal behavior

David Rollock

Associate professor, psychological sciences
(765) 494-6996

Has done research on personality and interpersonal behavior, especially among minorities; personality traits; nonintellectual predictors for academic success among African-American students; and responses to racial discrimination. Also interested in racial/ethnic identifications.

Clifford H. Swensen Jr.

Professor, clinical psychology
(765) 494-6977

Is expert on interpersonal relationships, particularly love relationships. Teaches on psychotherapy, interpersonal relations and clinical gerontological psychology. Supervises adult clinical psychology practica. Conducted studies on problems in long-term marriages and on the impact of cancer on marriage and family relationships.


Ronald E. Johnson

Professor, educational psychology and
psychological sciences
(765) 494-7246

Researches text processing and remembering. Has studied retrieval cues and text memory, aging and memory for prose, response bias in remembering prose, holistic forgetting, and qualitative distortions in the remembering of prose.

Mental health

Gary R. Bond

Professor, psychology
Director, Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology Program
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
(317) 274-6752

Has published on such topics as alcoholics in group therapy; women's consciousness-raising as an alternative to psychotherapy; the effectiveness of psychiatric rehabilitation; and psychiatric disability.

Ruth N. Wukasch

Assistant professor, nursing
Clinical specialist psychiatric/mental health nursing
(765) 494-4019

Was director of professional services for child/adolescent psychiatric hospital. Is a member of Indiana State Nurses Association's Council on Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Practice. Has studied post-hysterectomy experience of women; stress and coping; and diets and body image.


Joan L. Duda

Professor, sport and exercise psychology
Director, Sport and Health Psychology Laboratory
(765) 494-3172

Researches motivation and the psychological factors influencing performance and persistence in sports and exercise. Has expertise in competitive youth sports, the academic achievement of athletes, and gender differences in athletes. Consults coaches and athletes, is sport psychology consultant to U.S. gymnastics women's national team, and is editor of the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.

Carolyn M. Jagacinski

Associate professor, psychological sciences
(765) 494-6257

Researches motivation and behavioral decision-making. Conducted experiments examining how people make evaluations when missing important information.

Timothy J. Newby

Professor, educational computing and instructional design
(765) 494-5672

Studies motivational factors in instructional design and development, develops strategies to incorporate intrinsic motivation into instruction.

Dale H. Schunk

Professor, educational psychology
Head, Department of Educational Studies
(765) 494-9170

Nationally recognized expert on motivation. Researches the effects of social and instructional factors on students' cognitive processes, learning, self-regulation and motivation, with emphasis on applying social cognitive learning theory.

Organizational psychology

Michael A. Campion

Professor, management
(765) 494-5909

Research areas include employee selection and staffing, evaluation, training and development, equal employment opportunity, promotion and turnover, job design, auditing and benchmarking, work group design, compensation, negotiation, and general personnel research. Is editor of Personnel Psychology.

Stephen G. Green

Professor, organizational behavior and human
resource management
(765) 494-6852

Has expertise in leadership and teamwork related to organizational psychology. Has special interest in research and development, project management, and new product development.

Cynthia L. Tomovic

Associate professor, organizational leadership and
(765) 494-9105

Has interest in organizational psychology and higher education administration. Has consulted numerous corporate clients and has expertise in the areas of human resource management, managing change and total quality management.

Personality development

P. Youli Mantzicopoulos

Associate professor, educational psychology
(765) 494-7247

Studies personality development and young children at risk of school failure. Evaluates early education programs for at-risk children by looking at family, school and child characteristics. Assesses joint effects of family and school environment on children's social, emotional and academic development. (On sabbatical 1998-99 academic year.)

Phobias and anxiety

Scott R. Vrana

Associate professor, clinical psychology
(765) 494-0782

Studies the effect of emotion on thought processes. Recent work examines the emotional reactions of African-Americans to real or imagined interactions with persons of other races. Has researched anxiety disorders with special attention to post-traumatic stress disorder. Counseled veterans of the Vietnam War at the Jackson, Miss., Veterans Administration Center.

Psychology tests

Peter H. Schonemann

For biography, see "Behavior"

J. Roger Ware

Professor, psychology
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
(317) 274-6771

Expert on transpersonal psychology (interface between spirituality and psychology), humanistic psychology and group dynamics. Works with groups using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to facilitate communication and build teams. Past president of the Indiana chapter of the Association for Psychological Type.

Sports psychology

Joan Duda

For biography, see "Motivation"


Denise M. Driscoll

Assistant professor, psychological sciences
(765) 494-7297

Research focuses on cognitive and motivational processes in stereotyping and impression formation.

Transpersonal psychology

J. Roger Ware

For biography, see "Psychology tests"

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