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Consumer behavior

Douglas Bowman

Assistant professor, management
(765) 494-4446

Research and teaching topics include global marketing, business-to-business marketing, marketing strategy and data collection. Is also an expert in consumer behavior, new product strategy and how buyer-seller relationships evolve over time. Has received the School of Management's Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award four times since 1994 and has been listed twice as "outstanding faculty" by Business Week magazine.

Richard A. Feinberg

Professor, consumer sciences and retailing
(765) 494-8296

Has written national studies on consumer behavior and retailing and has been published in major journals. Serves as consultant for several professional groups and has extensive experience with national print and broadcast media.

Richard N. Heslin

Associate professor, psychological sciences
Coordinator, Graduate Research in Consumer Psychology
(765) 494-6891

Researches consumer behavior. Has looked at how involvement affects response to advertising; personal attributes that lead to high spending; and the gift-giving mentality. Has developed a saver/spender scale to rate what types of gifts individual givers will buy.

Consumer credit

Janet C. Bechman

Extension specialist, family resource management
(765) 494-8309

Has expertise in personal and family budgeting. Has special interest in credit and women's financial knowledge and decision making. Also interested in long-term care financing. Is an accredited financial counselor.

A. Charlene Sullivan

Associate professor, management
(765) 494-4382

Has published numerous articles on consumer credit, bankruptcy and personal financial planning. Served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 1991-1996. Received the 1994 R.B. and Mary Stewart Distinguished Teaching Award and the 1998 Salgo Noren Teaching Award.

Consumer economics

Janet C. Bechman

For biography, see "Consumer credit"

Sharon A. Devaney

Assistant professor, consumer science and retailing
(765) 494-8300

Expert in financial management over the life course and economic security in retirement. Researches retirement planning, financing long-term health care and financial well-being of the elderly. A certified financial counselor.

Lee M. Kreul

Professor, restaurant, hotel and institutional management
(765) 494-4643

Has conducted research on consumer dining costs; restaurant dining practices; hotel, restaurant and tourism business indicators; and hotel marketing studies. Has extensive television/radio training and experience.

Heikki H. Rinne

Professor, retailing
Head, Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing
(765) 494-8314

Is expert in retail strategy and pricing. Formerly was president and CEO of the Retail System Division of the Halton Group, an international marketing and manufacturing company specializing in retail equipment and ventilating systems.

Barbara R. Rowe

Associate professor, consumer sciences
Extension specialist, family resource management
(765) 494-8316

Has done extensive research on home-based businesses, economic impact of divorce, child support, family-owned businesses, and the economic well-being of women and children.

A. Charlene Sullivan

For biography, see "Consumer credit"

Joseph N. Uhl

Professor, agricultural economics
Extension food marketing specialist
(765) 494-4219

Has expertise in consumer economics, and in the marketing, pricing, distribution, consumption and government policies relating to food. Is a good source for addressing how specific farm conditions, such as extreme weather, will affect consumer food prices.

Flora L. Williams

Associate professor, consumer sciences and retailing
Director, Financial Counseling and Planning Program
(765) 494-8297

Has written three textbooks and more than 100 articles in the areas of family and consumer economics and family financial management. Is an expert on financial crisis intervention. Is part of a regional committee investigating the transition from welfare to the workforce. Serves as an expert witness in court cases involving economic value of family services. Is an accredited financial counselor.

Consumer marketing

Douglas Bowman

For biography, see "Consumer behavior"

Thelma L. Snuggs

Assistant professor, consumer sciences and retailing
Coordinator, Retail Management Program
(765) 494-8298

Has done research on consumer marketing, marketing to minority consumers and African-American economic development.

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