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International issues

John M. Hannon

Assistant professor, management
(765) 494-5871

Spent a year in Japan studying how the Japanese train employees. Found they emphasize human resource development and customer service.

Jon D. Haveman

Assistant professor, economics
(765) 494-6156

Researches the effect of international trade on domestic labor and trade negotiations. Teaching interests include international trade and labor economics. Served as a senior economist on the 1997-98 Council of Economic Advisors for President Clinton.

Kate Laskowitz

Associate professor, conflict management
(765) 494-5615

Has expertise in collective bargaining and international employment relations, particularly Japanese relations. Has done extensive research on mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Has special interest in organizational decision-making structures, information technology and productivity.

Labor statistics

Kevin D. Shell

Researcher and labor analyst, Office of Manpower Studies
(765) 494-2559

Studies implications of changing ethnic-group representation in the population and trends in secondary-school enrollment, attendance and academic preparation.


Alexander W. Crispo

Assistant professor, organizational leadership and supervision
(765) 494-5609

Has special expertise in downsizing, reorganizing, relocating and retraining dislocated workers. Has experience implementing work teams in various industries and helped implement a state dislocated worker training center.

Robert Perrucci

Professor, sociology
(765) 494-4714

Has published research on industrial plant closings in the United States. Has studied auto factories transplanted from Japan into the Midwest corridor. Studies patterns of job loss and job creation. Other interests include organizations, stratification and political economy.

Dena B. Targ

Associate professor and Extension specialist, child development and family studies
(765) 494-2937

Has conducted extensive research on the effect of unemployment on communities, families and individuals. Co-author of the book "Plant Closings: International Context and Social Costs."


James B. Dworkin

Professor, management
Associate dean, School of Management
(765) 494-4364

Expert on unions, collective bargaining in professional athletics, arbitration and dispute resolution. Has published books and articles on collective bargaining in professional baseball, and also is familiar with labor issues in professional basketball . Has studied the newer, cooperative style of labor relations in athletics. Has extensive experience dealing with both print and broadcast media.

Nancy Gabin

Associate professor, history
Interim department head, Department of History
(765) 494-4127

Research focuses on women, work and unions in the United States in the 20th century. Teaches courses in U.S. labor history. Current work involves the history of women in Indiana, and women in mass production industries in the Midwest.

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