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August 1998

Professor launches resource Web site for marketers

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- A new interactive World Wide Web site provides one-stop-shopping for marketing and advertising professionals.

Purdue University management Professor Patrick Duparcq calls his new marketing resource Web site, TIMER, a global community service.

"It's not making any money, but it sure helps a lot of people," he says. "And it's picking up a reputation as a hot spot on the Web for marketing and advertising professionals as well as students and researchers."

If they don't find the link they're looking for, visitors can go into one of many chat rooms and news groups and talk with others with similar backgrounds and interests to find the answers to their questions or to simply bounce ideas off of other professionals.

Duparcq says his first site, a marketing resource list, began to receive about 10,000 visits per week. "That's when I decided people might actually get some value out of an expanded version," he says.

The site, a joint project of Purdue and Tilburg University in the Netherlands, is coordinated by Duparcq, but uses contributions from users and marketing professionals worldwide.

"The site will ultimately be what the users make it," he says. "For instance, right now I'm looking for someone who does research in interactive media to evaluate the suggested related links and decide whether to include them on the site or not. I'm also looking for someone to search out relevant research for publishing on the site."

Topics on the site include international marketing, strategic marketing, distribution, sales and retailing, legal and ethical aspects of marketing and competitive intelligence. Visitors also can link to advertising agencies, professional associations, business news sources and find links to journals and magazines relevant to various marketing topics. The address is:

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