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Attention deficit disorder

John R. Burgess

Associate professor, foods and nutrition
(765) 494-8239

Researches antioxidant nutrients and the effect of essential fatty acids on behavior. Found an apparent tie between a lack of omega-3 fatty acids and behavior problems in boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Betsy Hoza

Associate professor, psychological science
(765) 494-6996

Research interests include motivation and achievement in children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Also studies peer relations, loneliness and self-concept in school-age children, and the treatment of ADHD.

Sydney S. Zentall

Professor, special education and psychology
(765) 494-7347

Nationally recognized authority on hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. Research focuses on seriously emotionally handicapped children, particularly those who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Paula J. Micka

Assistant dean of students
Coordinator, Adaptive Programs
(765) 494-1245/494-1247

Oversees programs for students with disabilities attending Purdue's West Lafayette campus. Services include testing students for possible learning disabilities, helping students and faculty arrange reasonable accommodations, and student counseling. Worked for 10 years at Crossroads Rehabilitation Center in Indianapolis. Is a certified rehabilitation counselor.

Disabilities and children

Karen E. Diamond

Associate professor, childhood development and
family studies
Director, Child Development Laboratory
(765) 494-0942

Is researching children's understanding of disabilities and the inclusion of children with disabilities in regular education programs. Has expertise in early childhood education and early childhood special education. Is associate editor for Early Childhood Research Quarterly and for Occupational Therapy Journal of Research. On sabbatical until January 1999.

Sidney M. Moon

Associate professor, educational psychology
Director, Gifted Education Resource Institute
(765) 494-7301

Research has focused on development and evaluation of programs for talented students; the characteristics of gifted children who also have learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder; and talent development across the lifespan.

Thomas E. Scruggs

Professor, special education
(765) 494-0870

Nationally recognized expert in learning disabilities. Studies learning and memory of children with mild disabilities, effective teaching strategies and effective mainstreaming strategies. Is co-editor of the journal Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities.

Sydney S. Zentall

For biography, see "Attention deficit disorder"

Disabilities and farming

Barry L. Delks

Director, Breaking New Ground Resource Center
(765) 494-1221

Directs the Breaking New Ground Resource Center, which offers support, assistance and other resources to disabled farmers and their families.

William E. Field

Professor and Extension safety specialist,
agricultural engineering
(765) 494-1191

Is a nationally known researcher of farm-related injuries and prevention strategies.

Language disorders

Jackson T. Gandour

Professor, audiology and speech sciences
(765) 494-3821

Studies the linguistic aspects of speech after brain damage. Researched specifically the Thai language.

Ellen M. Kelly

Associate professor, speech language pathology
(765) 494-3816

Is an expert on the onset and development of childhood stuttering. Oversees the treatment of people who stutter and provides therapy to children who stutter and their families. Also looks at parent-child conversational interaction.

Laurence B. Leonard

Rachel E. Stark Distinguished Professor of
Audiology and Speech Sciences
(765) 494-3794

Is researching lexical factors in specific language impairment (SLI) and word-finding problems in language-disordered children. Studies children who have significant problems in language ability, yet exhibit normal hearing and intellectual functioning with no clear evidence of neurological impairment. Has assembled a group of co-investigators in several countries to examine profiles of linguistic strengths and weaknesses that children with SLI have in acquiring languages such as Italian, Hebrew, Swedish, Spanish and English.

Learning disabilities

Margo A. Mastropieri

Professor, special education
(765) 494-7346

Nationally recognized authority on learning disabilities. Research focuses on learning and memory of students with mild disabilities, as well as effective teaching and mainstreaming strategies. Is co-editor of the journal Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities and is on editorial boards of seven other journals on special education and educational psychology.

Paula J. Micka

For biography, see "Disabilities"

Sidney M. Moon

For biography, see "Disabilities and children"

Thomas E. Scruggs

For biography, see "Disabilities and children"

Sarah J. Templin

Program specialist, learning disabilities, Dean of
(765) 494-0852

Works with college students with learning disabilities.

Sydney S. Zentall

For biography, see "Attention deficit disorder"


Richard B. Borgens

Professor, developmental anatomy, veterinary medicine
Director, Center for Paralysis Research, School of
Veterinary Medicine
(765) 494-7600

Is a National Paraplegia Foundation Fellow (one of two awarded, 1977-80, Yale University) and recipient of Spinal Cord Society Annual Research Medal (1986). Has published numerous papers on limb and nerve regeneration/healing and bioelectricity.

James P. Toombs

Professor, small-animal orthopedics and
Clinical director, Center for Paralysis Research,
School of Veterinary Medicine
(765) 494-1137

Is a board-certified veterinary surgeon specializing in small-animal orthopedics and neurosurgery. Has conducted research and published in journals and textbooks in these two areas.

Sign language

Diane K. Brentari

Associate professor, linguistics
Director, American Sign Language Program
(765) 494-9883

Is an expert on American Sign Language. Has published numerous articles and book chapters on sign language and linguistics. Has written upcoming book entitled "A Prosodic Model of Sign Language Phonology." Taught five years at Gallaudet University, the only undergraduate university for deaf students in the United States.

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