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Chip technology

Jerry M. Woodall

Charles W. Harrison Distinguished Professor of Microelectronics
Director, NSF Center for Technology-Enabling Heterostructure Materials
(765) 494-0732

Research focuses on developing new types of compound semiconductors, which are used widely in a variety of consumer electronics. Is former research staff member and fellow of the IBM Watson Research Center. Expert in development and commercial applications of gallium arsenide technology. Has extensive experience with media. One of his many inventions is a high-efficiency solar cell used by NASA on space vehicles. Is member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Computer crime

Eugene Spafford

Professor, computer sciences
(765) 494-7825

Established Purdue's Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security. Research interests include information security, reliability of computer systems, computer crime, and liability and professional ethics. Has written three books and developed the COPS and Tripwire security programs for Unix-- tools now used worldwide in managing system security. Has published numerous papers and contributed chapters to several books on computer security, networks and professional issues, and has lectured and consulted worldwide on these subjects. Has been interviewed extensively by international media on issues relating to computer viruses, computer security and computing ethics. Is director of the COAST (Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology) Project at Purdue, an effort to develop workable security technology and practical tools. Is on the editorial boards of many journals, include "Computers & Security," "Journal of Information Systems Security," "Artificial Life," the "Virus Bulletin," and "Networks Security."


Alok Chaturvedi

Associate professor, management
(765) 494-9048

Teaching and research interests include artificial intelligence applications in manufacturing, machine learning, stereoscopic and immersive visualization of business data, expert systems, decision support systems and data bases. Is part of a team that created a computer-based "war game" to simulate the economic and management consequences of cyberterrorism.


Hubert "Buster" Dunsmore

Associate professor, computer sciences
(765) 494-1996

Is an excellent source for information on how students are being taught nationally in the area of computer ethics. Is the information systems convenor for the Global Studies Program in Purdue's Office of International Programs. Coordinates research concerning international issues related to the development and the use of information systems. Research areas include the Internet, the World-Wide Web, Web browsers, Website design and implementation, software engineering, C, C++, and Java programming, cgi software, object-oriented design and programming, and information systems.

Information security

Eugene Spafford

For biography, see "Computer crime"

Parallel processing

Henry (Hank) G. Dietz

Associate professor, electrical and computer engineering
(765) 494-3357

Research interests include linking multiple personal computers to function as a high-performance, parallel processing supercomputer; computer architecture; computational linguistics; digital imaging; and real-time systems. Is chairman of the International Conference on Parallel Processing.

Rudolf Eigenmann

Associate professor, electrical and computer engineering
(765) 494-1741

Is an expert on high-performance, parallel processing computers. Has a National Science Foundation grant to pursue the next generation of supercomputers -- petaflop computers -- that would theoretically be capable of performing a quadrillion operations per second, one thousand times faster than today's fastest computers. Developed a compiler to automatically translate scientific and engineering computer programs into a form that can be run on a parallel processing machine, a process that increases the speed of the program.

Scientific computing

John R. Rice

W. Brooks Fortune Distinguished Professor of Computer Science
Director, Computing About Physical Objects Laboratory
(765) 494-6003

Author or co-author of 20 books and more than 200 technical articles on computer science, supercomputers and software, artificial intelligence, expert systems, and symbolic computing. Research includes developing computer methods and problem-solving environments for scientific applications. Member of the National Academy of Engineering and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the Association for Computing Machinery. Serves on the editorial boards of numerous publications, including "Information Sciences," "Computing Systems in Engineering," "Mathematics and Computing in Simulation," and "IEEE Computational Science and Engineering."

World Wide Web

Hubert "Buster" Dunsmore

For biography, see "Ethics"

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