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Computer-integrated manufacturing

Calvin S. Kunkle

Associate professor, mechanical engineering technology
Chair, Manufacturing Committee, Kokomo Statewide Technology
(765) 455-9323

Has expertise in computer-integrated manufacturing technology. Has industrial experience in the design and fabrication of metal products and holds several patents on fire department apparatus.

Shimon Y. Nof

Professor, industrial engineering
(765) 494-5427

Is an expert on computer-aided manufacturing and robotics. Has written more than 200 articles and written or edited six books, two of which won North American Publishers' awards: "Handbook of Industrial Robotics" and "International Encyclopedia of Robotics." Is director of Purdue's Production Robotics and Integration Software for Manufacturing (PRISM) program and is co-director of program on intelligent transportation systems research and education. Also is secretary general, International Federation of Production Research, and is a fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

James J. Solberg

Ransburg Professor of Manufacturing
Director, Center for Collaborative Manufacturing
(765) 494-7715

Transfers technology, expertise and trained graduates into manufacturing environment. Also directs Computer Integrated Design, Manufacturing, and Automation Center. Has consulted and published extensively on intelligent manufacturing systems. Center for Collaborative Manufacturing develops fundamental engineering knowledge through collaboration with industry.

Food process manufacturing

R. Steven Smith

Processing specialist, Department of Food Science
(765) 494-7706

Has worked in development of products and processes for food processing for 20 years. Has expertise in aseptic food processing, thermal processing and fruit and vegetable processing. Designs, coordinates and monitors test runs for industrial and graduate research projects in aseptic packaging, heat penetration studies and distillation of fruit essences. Is a professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists.


W. Dale Compton

Lillian M. Gilbreth Distinguished Professor of Industrial Engineering
(765) 494-0828

Is an expert in the management of technology and industrial competitiveness. Helped initiate the National Science Foundation's program to establish national research centers and has helped organize national conferences on manufacturing innovation. Was a senior fellow with National Academy of Engineering and served on its governing council.

Herbert Moskowitz

Cullman Distinguished Professor of Manufacturing Management
Director, Center for the Management of Manufacturing Enterprises
(765) 494-4421

Has published extensively on statistical quality control, total quality management and decision analysis. Consultant to companies and law firms on project management, new product development and quality management practices. Has taught managerial statistics and quantitative methods and their applications to management problems in a market economy at a French university to mostly Eastern European executives and members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Hans R. E. Naumann

Director, Centers for Excellence
(765) 494-0887

Assists corporations searching for help in solving technology and management-related problems in manufacturing settings. The Centers for Excellence is a business and industrial technology outreach program.

Leroy B. Schwarz

Professor, management
(765) 494- 4510

Has written books and numerous articles on manufacturing concerns such as distribution, warehousing systems and production/inventory control systems. First director of Purdue's Center for the Management of Manufacturing Enterprises, School of Management. Is an Ameritech Foundation Fellow in Manufacturing Management.

James J. Solberg

For biography , see "Computer-integrated manufacturing"


Manohar U. Kalwani

American United Life Insurance Co. Professor of Management
(765) 494-4400

Research expertise includes building manufacturer-supplier relationships, manufacturing marketing strategy, international competitiveness and marketing models. Has experience in the applications of probability models in marketing and price expectations.


Keith J. Bowman

Professor, materials engineering
(765) 494-4096

Research interests include manufacturing and processing of ceramics and composites. Also has expertise in failure analysis of materials, fracture and fatigue of materials, directionality of materials, and degradation of materials. Uses crystallography to study properties of ceramics. Also works on applications of high-temperature superconducting materials, such as superconducting tubes to shield electronic equipment from magnetic fields. Named Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher in 1995.

Quality control

Dennis R. Depew

Professor, industrial technology
Head, Department of Industrial Technology
Director, graduate studies
(765) 494-1101

Has published and presented papers on quality assurance and is an American Society for Quality Control Certified Quality Engineer. Has consulted with corporations on statistical quality control, design of experiments and quality management. Is director of Midwest Center for Advanced Technology Education, a faculty training center that focuses on developing technology faculty and curriculum materials for high schools, community colleges, universities and technical societies.

Herbert Moskowitz

For biography, see "Management"


Leslie A. Bryan Jr.

Associate professor, organizational leadership and supervision

(765) 494-5616

Has expertise in occupational safety and health and applied organizational leadership and management. Specializes in teaching safety and leadership programs.

Lynn A. Corson

Director, Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute
(765) 494-6450

Has expertise in hazardous materials emergency response, spill prevention, environmental regulations, safety and health regulations, pollution prevention techniques and technologies.

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