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B. Rose Lerner

Extension specialist, consumer/home horticulture
(765) 494-1311

Is author of numerous Extension Service gardening publications and the book "Possum in the Pawpaw Tree: A Seasonal Guide to Midwestern Gardening," published in 1994 by Purdue University Press.

Peggy R. Sellers

Director, Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
(765) 494-8081

Has researched management and/or causes of disease in corn and soybeans and spoken to Master Gardener groups.


Michael N. Dana

Professor and Extension specialist,
landscape horticulture
Coordinator, Horticulture Internship Program
(765) 494-5923

Has expertise in landscape horticulture and native landscape plants.

Harrison L. Flint

Professor, landscape horticulture
(765) 494-1325

Coordinates professional plantsman curriculum to prepare students for careers in botanical gardens and related institutions. Teaches courses in woody landscape plants and in planting design.

Bruno C. Moser

Professor and Extension specialist, horticulture
(765) 494-1352

Has expertise in nursery crop production. Researches woody ornamentals, cut branches for the florist trade and borderland plantings such as windbreaks.

Pest control

Rick E. Foster

Associate professor, entomology
(765) 494-9572

Expertise in controlling insects in the home garden or orchard. Also has expertise in integrated pest management in commercial fruit and vegetable operations.

Tom Turpin

Professor, entomology
(765) 494-4568

Has published numerous articles on insects and their control.

Weed control

Stephen C. Weller

Professor, horticulture
(765) 494-1333


Has expertise in the biology of weeds. Researches methods of weed control that reduce herbicide use, such as ground covers and intercropping.

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