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Climate models


Professor, atmospheric science
Head, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
(765) 494-0693

Is involved in national climate modeling efforts. Is an expert on the effects of aerosols on climate, radiative transfer processes in the atmosphere and interactions between the atmosphere and ocean and land surfaces. Has worked for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center. Is a member of the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society. Served as a member of the American Meteorological Society's Committee on Atmospheric Radiation 1988-1991. (Note: Harshvardhan is his full name)


Gebisa Ejeta

Associate professor, agronomy
(765) 494-4320

Has expertise in breeding drought- and disease-resistant varieties of grains, particularly sorghum. Is a native of Ethiopia. Previously conducted research on sorghum varieties in Sudan. Has extensive experience in the agricultural problems of the semi-arid regions of Africa.

El Nino

Dayton G. Vincent

Professor, atmospheric science
(765) 494-3290

Research specialties include tropical meteorology and general circulation. Can discuss weather phenomena including hurricanes and El Nino. Was chairman of the American Meteorological Society's Board of Meteorological and Oceanographic Education in Universities, which advised the American Meteorological Society on items concerning university curricula in the atmospheric and oceanic sciences.


Milton E. Harr

Professor, soil mechanics
(765) 494-5029

Wrote book called "Groundwater and Seepage: The Theoretical Basis and Design of Dams." Has worked extensively with Army Corps of Engineers and has served as consultant to identify and correct problems on dams and locks. Also has expertise in the area of contaminant flow in water and ground water.


Dayton G. Vincent

For biographical information, see "El Nino"


Lenore P. Tedesco

Assistant professor, geology
(317) 274-7484 (Purdue-Indianapolis)

Has taught courses on geology, oceanography, dinosaurs, and sedimentology and stratigraphy. Since 1984 has studied wetland stability and coastal processes in South Florida, Everglades and Bahamas. In Everglades National Park, has studied the role of sea level rise and catastrophic storms in controlling the stability of coastal wetlands. Has had research grants to study post-hurricane sediment redistribution, specifically how the coastal and shallow marine environments of South Florida changed after Hurricane Andrew.


Ernest M. Agee

Professor, atmospheric science
(765) 494-4753

Has studied Doppler radar images of tornado events, especially those that occurred without operational warnings. Is developing a new conceptual model for detecting early tornado warning signatures in color Doppler weather radar images. Is a fellow of the American Meteorological Society. Served as U.S. representative to the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics. Was a member of the United States National Committee of the International Union of Geodesy (science of the size and shape of the earth) and Geophysics, a position to which he was appointed by the National Academy of Sciences.


Kenneth L. Scheeringa

Indiana state climatologist
(765) 494-8105

Professional meteorology assistant. Responds to government, media and general requests for climatological data. Designs and maintains Web site that includes Indiana climate and weather data archives:

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