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Ethics in business

John G. Pomery

Associate professor, economics
(765) 494-4515

Teaches business ethics courses that examine whistle blowing, toxic wastes, selling products abroad, bribes and kickbacks. Publications include a book, "International Trade and Uncertainty: Simple General Equilibrium Models Involving Randomness," and articles: "International Economic Policy: Theory and Evidence" and "Handbook of International Economics."

Ethics and computers

Eugene H. Spafford

Associate professor, computer sciences
Director, Purdue Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology Laboratory
(765) 494-7825

Is an expert on computer viruses, computer security and computing ethics. Current research focuses on computer security and on the issues of liability and professional ethics. Has published numerous works on computer security, networks, and professional issues; lectures and consults internationally.

Ethics in education

Anthony G. Rud Jr.

Associate professor, educational foundations and
Associate dean, School of Education
(765) 494-6542

Worked with teachers in several states on critical thinking, moral education and curriculum reform. Evaluated a multi-year project on moral education in New Hampshire. Has a bachelor's degree in religion and master's and doctorate in philosophy. Is a founding member of the Association for Philosophy of Education.

Ethics in health care

Jo A. Brooks

Professor, nursing
Head, School of Nursing
Associate dean, Schools of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences
(765) 494-4004

Teaches a course called Issues in Professional Nursing, dealing with current ethical medical issues. Can discuss the role of professional nursing in health-care reform; and nursing centers as a model for primary care.

Ethics and science

Normand M. Laurendeau

Reilly Professor of Combustion Engineering
(765) 494-2713

Teaches a course called Technology and Values. Has conducted research on combustion, pollutant formation and pollutant measurement using lasers. Has published more than 150 articles and reports on energy and environmental issues, engineering ethics and laser diagnostics.

Eugene Schlossberger

Associate professor, philosophy, Purdue Calumet
(219) 989-2259

His publication, "The Ethical Engineer," is a tool for helping practicing engineers and other technically oriented professionals make principled decisions in real-life situations. Emphasizes combining moral reasoning with skills and training to maximize on-the-job effectiveness. Topics include environmental and safety concerns, confidentiality, bidding, conflict of interest, whistleblowing, sales ethics, advertising, employer-employee relations, when to fight a battle and when to break the rules. Also wrote a 1992 book, "Moral Responsibility and Persons."

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