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Food microbiology

Maribeth A. Cousin

Professor, food microbiology
(765) 494-8287

Food microbiologist with expertise in molds in foods and detection of microorganisms in food. Teaches courses and workshops in food microbiology ,food sanitation and food fermentations. Has held national offices in the Institute of Food Technologists and the American Society for Microbiology. Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology and member of International Commission on Food Mycology (the study of molds in foods).

Food preservation

Philip E. Nelson

Professor, food processing and preservation
Head, Department of Food Science
(765) 494-8256

Internationally known expert in food preservation and packaging. Holds 10 U.S. patents. Is inventor of bulk aseptic food processing. According to the USDA's 1990 Yearbook of Agriculture, because of his work with food preservation, he is one of the few people who actually changed the world. Has held various top offices with key groups, such as National Academy of Science, and including current positions with the Institute of Food Technologists' National Long-Range Planning Committee.

Food processing

Bruce R. Hamaker

Associate professor, food science
(765) 494-5668

Specializes in cereal processing and chemistry; grain quality; and nutritional quality of grains. Has experience working in developing countries.

Jay S. Marks

Associate professor, food science and agricultural engineering
(765) 494-8261

Has expertise in food processing, food drying methods, physical properties of foods, and energy conservation in the food industry. Has received patents in spray drying and using whey in food manufacturing. Is a member of a national committee on thermal processing of foods.

Rakesh K. Singh

Professor, food science
(765) 494-8262

Expertise in thermal processing and in separating valuable products from food processing wastes. Assisted in the development of salmonella-free eggs. Researches process modeling for sterilization of foods, tomato processing, dairy foods, and value-added ingredients from byproducts. Former chair of the food processing committee for the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.

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