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George M. Bodner

Professor, chemistry and education
(765) 494-5313

Studies how learning takes place among adults. Runs largest program in the country to prepare graduate students interested in teaching chemistry at the college level. Is the author of more than 80 papers on research in chemistry or research in learning theory.

W. David Downey

Professor, agricultural economics
Director, Center for Agricultural Business
(765) 494-0464

Is an expert in selling and marketing for the agriculture market and in undergraduate and adult education. The center is a national resource for executive and middle management training and development for agriculturally oriented businesses, offering both public and privately sponsored programs.

James D. Russell

Professor, instructional development
Assistant department head, Curriculum and Instruction
(765) 494-5673 or 494-5100

Researches the design, development and implementation of training programs and materials; is particularly interested in the principles of adult education and the selection, use and evaluation of instructional media.

Peg E. Sullivan

Assistant dean of students
Director, Span Plan
(765) 494-5490

Teaches an adult freshman-orientation course. Is an experienced career counselor and academic adviser for adult students. Is a member of the National Academic Advising Association's Commission on Adult Learners. Has been quoted in newspapers nationwide about adult students' concerns and issues. Span Plan is a re-entry program for adults returning to school.

Philip H. Swain

Professor, electrical and computer engineering
Director, Continuing Engineering Education
(765) 494-0212

Is responsible for graduate and noncredit television-based programs reaching practicing engineers nationwide. As Purdue's representative to the Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education, has had a major role in developing the use of distance learning at Purdue and statewide.

Michael W. Watts

Professor, economics
Director, Center for Economic Education
(765) 494-8543

Is author of economics texts for both high school and college students. Has prepared materials on economics for adult and employee education programs. The center offers both formal and noncredit economics courses for teachers, employee groups and other adult audiences. It also conducts research on economic literacy and develops new K-12 instructional materials.

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