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James M. Lowenberg-DeBoer

Associate professor, agricultural economics
(765) 494-4230

Recently completed one of the first studies on the economic impact of variable-rate technology used in precision farming. Knows both practical and scientific aspects of crop management. Began career as a farmer in Iowa, changed careers to become a farm reporter and editor, and changed careers again upon receiving advanced degrees in agricultural economics.

Mark T. Morgan

Associate professor, agricultural engineering
(765) 494-1180
E- mail:

Has co-authored a book on emerging technology and the fundamentals of precision farming. Areas of expertise include information systems education, analysis and design. Has experience in computer-aided software engineering. Conducts research on sensor development for agricultural production and food processing.

Industrial technology

Lynn A. Corson

Director, Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute
(765) 494-6450

Has expertise in hazardous materials emergency response, spill prevention, environmental regulations, safety and health regulations, pollution prevention techniques and technologies. Administrator of federally required environmental, health and safety training and technical assistance programs for 16 years. Chaired federal agency task forces and participated in congressional hearings. Elected president of National Environmental Training Association, 1995.

Don K. Gentry

Professor, industrial technology
Dean, School of Technology
(765) 494-2552

Is an authority on statewide delivery of industry-based education and training programs, and the development of technical skills needed for the work force in the year 2000. Is the author of numerous articles on technology education. Has appeared on state and national television, including talk shows. Has testified before congressional committees. Former executive director of Indiana State Board of Vocational and Technical Education and past president of the National Association of State Directors of Vocational Education.

Robert A. Greenkorn

R. Games Slayter Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director, Technical Assistance Program
(765) 494-4051

Works with industry, government and university researchers to develop innovative methods to assist Indiana industry in implementing new and advanced technologies. Areas of expertise include thermodynamic properties of fluids and fluid flow in porous media. Is an expert in recovery of oil from underground reservoirs and oil products. Helped write strategic economic development plan for state of Indiana. Is vice president for special programs for the Purdue Research Foundation and is research coordinator for Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute. Is former dean of the Graduate School, former vice president for research and former head of School of Chemical Engineering.

Hans R. E. Naumann

Director, Centers for Excellence
(765) 494-0887

Assists corporations in solving technology and management-related problems in manufacturing settings. The Centers for Excellence is a business and industrial technology outreach program.

James J. Solberg

Ransburg Professor of Manufacturing
Director, Center for Collaborative Manufacturing
(765) 494-7715

Center develops fundamental engineering knowledge through collaboration with industry. Transfers technology, expertise and trained graduates into manufacturing environment. Also directs Computer Integrated Design, Manufacturing, and Automation Center. Has consulted and published extensively on intelligent manufacturing systems.

Jeffrey L. Whitten

Professor, computer technology
Head, Department of Computer Technology
(765) 494-4545

Areas of expertise include information systems education, analysis and design. Has experience in computer-aided software engineering.

Management information systems

Alok R. Chaturvedi

Associate professor, management
(765) 494-9048

Has expertise in artificial intelligence and expert systems, decision support systems and data bases. Research includes distributed systems and computer simulation. Is part of a team that has created a synthetic economy for business market simulations.

Laverne L. Knodle

Executive director, Management Information
(765) 494-4317

Is the spokesman for Purdue's "Fix 2000," a computer software program that addresses the year 2000 problem on most business mainframe computers.

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