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Consumer behavior

Richard A. Feinberg

Professor, consumer sciences and retailing
(765) 494-8296

Has written national studies on consumer behavior and retailing and has been published in major journals. Serves as consultant for several professional groups and has extensive experience with national print and broadcast media.

Richard N. Heslin

Associate professor, psychological sciences
Coordinator, Graduate Research in Consumer Psychology
(765) 494-6891

Has studied the gift-giving mentality and has developed a saver/spender scale to rate what types of gifts individuals will buy.

Letty Workman

Assistant professor, consumer sciences and retailing
(765) 494-7860

Has expertise in retail environments. Special interest in consumer behavior, promotional strategies and psychometric scales.

Holly Schrank

Professor, consumer sciences and retailing
Director, Purdue Retail Institute
(765) 494-9851

Has studied impact of store location and traffic pattern and design on store sales volume. Has expertise in management of small businesses.

Toys and gifts

Richard A. Feinberg

(For biography, see "Consumer behavior")

Judith A. Myers-Walls

Associate professor and Extension specialist, child development and family studies
(765) 494-0503

Is an expert in nonviolent toys and activities for children. Is co-author of "Young Peacemakers Project Book" and "Peace Works." Conducts parent-education workshops across Indiana. Has written several parent-education curriculum packages and trains other parent educators. Earned national awards for two programs: "A Child in Your Life" and "Mentor Mother."

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