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Carol L. Barrett

Associate director, Center for Career Opportunities
(765) 494-3981

Is involved with entry-level employment issues at all degree levels. Consults with employers nationwide. Is involved with professional associations and is past president of Midwest College Placement Association.

Cornell A. Bell

Associate professor, management

Director, minority programs, School of Management
(765) 494-4371

Minority programs include Business Opportunity Program, designed to interest talented minority students in management careers. Was a high-school teacher, guidance counselor and principal.

Alan D. Ferrell

Director, management placement

(765) 494-4376

Responsible for the development and direction of professional employment and placement functions in the Krannert Graduate School of Management. Has more than 20 years experience in human resources in industry and at the collegiate level.

Allan D. Goecker

Assistant dean, academic programs, School of Agriculture
(765) 494-8473

Is co-author of "Employment Opportunities for College Graduates in the Food and Agricultural Sciences 1995-2000," a report prepared by Purdue and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Coordinates placement efforts in the Purdue School of Agriculture. Is director of Food and Agricultural Careers for Tomorrow, a USDA-Purdue center for information on agricultural careers. Reviews occupational outlook publications produced by the U.S. Department of Labor. Is former director of USDA higher education office.

Marilyn J. Haring

Professor, counseling and development
Dean, School of Education
(765) 494-2341

Has studied women's career development, education for the 21st century, education reform and educational equity. Is nationally recognized authority on mentoring; has conducted research and written articles about it. Was director of the Commonwealth Academy for Mentoring and national coordinator of Women Educators. Has published research and spoken extensively about women's leadership.

Kevin R. Kelly

Associate professor, counseling and development
(765) 494-9739

Researches gender issues related to personal and career development; also studies the career development of talented individuals.

William K. LeBold

Professor, engineering
Director, Educational Research and Information Systems
(765) 494-3976

Is a national authority on educational and employment opportunities for women and minorities in engineering and science. Is an expert on supply and demand for engineers. Developed and administered the Purdue Interest Questionnaire to assist more than 60,000 engineering, science and technology students and graduates in making educational and career decisions. Was a commissioner of the Engineering Workforce Commission, 1990-94. Co-authored a book, "Engineering as a Career" (1983).

Gerald L. Liedl

Professor, materials engineering
Head, School of Materials Engineering
Director, Midwest Analytical Team for Research Instrumentation of X-rays (MATRIX)
(765) 494-4100

Directs national effort to increase awareness of materials science and engineering as a career. Has researched and consulted with industry on metal and materials production, processing and technology, including superconducting materials.

Linden M. Petrin

Assistant dean of students
Director, Career Resource Center
(765) 494-2656

Provides career, personal and career counseling to students. Teaches stress management, time management and study skills. Administers and interprets tests on personality types. Holds master's degree in counseling.

Denise Ottinger

Director, Admissions and Student Services,
School of Veterinary Medicine
(765) 494-7893

Initiated veterinary school's Minority Mentor Program. Also directs National Institutes of Health Minority Summer Research Apprentice Program for Veterinary Medicine at Purdue. Appointed in 1995 as editor of the publication, Veterinary Medical Colleges Admissions Requirements in the United States and Canada. Is on the steering committee for the Veterinary Medical Colleges Application Service.

Richard A. Stewart

Director, Center for Career Opportunities
(765) 494-3981

Has been working in the college placement field since 1961. Served as president of the national College Placement Council during 1992-93. Wrote and moderated "The 30-Minute Decision," a videotape about on-campus interviewing. Oversees a college placement operation that annually schedules more than 18,000 interviews with more than 500 potential employers.

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