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November 1997

Parenting a teen requires great balance

It seems that children can turn into teen-agers almost overnight. When they do, moms and dads may need to change their parenting strategies, says the head of Purdue University's Department of Child Development and Family Studies. Douglas Powell says teen-agers want recognition of their growing autonomy and may rebel strongly against any signs that parents still view them as youngsters. "However, setting limits is still a good thing for parents to do during the teen-age years," Powell says. Communication may be the key to striking the balance in those years between childhood and becoming an adult. "It's important to acknowledge the feelings and ideas of children at all ages," Powell says. "Teen-agers especially are working through a lot of issues regarding their identity and peer group." He says listening is important, even when it's not convenient. CONTACT: Powell, (765) 494-9511; e-mail,

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