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Brant R. Burleson

Professor, communication
(765) 494-3321

Published "Thoughts About Talk in Romantic Relationships" in Communication Quarterly. Studies communication skills, their development and their impact on a variety of close personal relationships. Found that persons tend to choose partners with communication skills similar to their own, but that couples with good communication skills are no more happy in their marriages than are those with poor communication skills. Also interested in parent/child interactions. Wrote a book chapter on the part that conversation plays in comforting others, and another critical of the theory that men and women come from different cultures.

Fred P. Piercy

Professor, family therapy
Director, Marriage and Family Therapy Program
(765) 494-2950

Has written extensively on marriage- and family-related topics including the 1994 book "How to Stop Marital Fights Before They Start." Conducted a study of counselors and therapists to determine under what circumstances they would reveal to authorities the unsafe-sex practices of clients who might infect others with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Previously worked in Indonesia, where he supervised research and gave seminars on family therapy, delinquency and drug abuse. Also coordinated an AIDS prevention project funded by the World AIDS Foundation.

Douglas H. Sprenkle

Professor, family studies
Director, Family Research Institute
(765) 494-2952

Can discuss a wide range of family counseling topics including dating, marriage, sex and divorce. Pioneered research on inhibited sexual desire in couples. Also counsels families involved in family-owned businesses.

Clifford H. Swensen Jr.

Professor, clinical psychology
(765) 494-6977

Recent research has been on problems in long-term marriages and on the impact of cancer on marriage and family relationships. Is an expert on interpersonal relationships, particularly love relationships. Teaches principles and techniques of psychotherapy, interpersonal relations, and clinical gerontological psychology. Supervises adult clinical psychology practica. Is a Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology and Fellow of the Academy of Clinical Psychology.

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