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July 1997

Donald R. Brown

Professor, education and psychological sciences
Director, Policy Center for Lifelong Learning
(765) 494-2200

Studies public policy regarding K-12 education and human well-being. Studies how school policy affects restructuring to encourage student achievement.

Deborah R. Dillon

Associate professor, literacy and language education
Associate dean, School of Education
(765) 494-2354

Has published articles and given presentations on the roles of teachers and students as they work together to facilitate students' understanding of texts and writing of texts. Has worked with several teachers in collaborative efforts to better understand the complexities of teaching, learning and assessment, and to study where universities and schools should be heading in the 21st century.

Fenwick W. English

Dean, School of Education, IPFW
(219) 481-6441

Is an expert on general school management (district or school), curriculum reform and curriculum auditing. Has been a faculty member at University of Kentucky, University of Cincinnati and Lehigh University. Was director of the National Center for the Improvement of Learning (1977-79). Published books include "Transforming Schools Into Learning Places," "Theory in Educational Administration" and "Educational Administration: The Human Science."

Julie A. Frazier

Assistant professor, child development and family studies
(765) 494-2947

Is an expert on extended-year schooling and year-round schooling. Primary research interests revolve around schooling as a context for cognitive and social development, especially at the elementary level. Has studied educational reform programs and relations between home and school environments.

Marilyn J. Haring

Professor, counseling and development
Dean, School of Education
(765) 494-2341

Has studied education for the 21st century, alternative schools, education reform and educational equity. Has published research and spoken extensively about women's leadership and studied women's career development. Is chairwoman of the board of directors of the Corporation for Educational Communication, which will award $30 million in grants by the year 2000 to encourage distance learning in grades 7-12.

Anthony G. Rud Jr.

Associate professor, educational foundations and administration
Associate dean, School of Education
(765) 494-6542

Has worked with teachers in several states on critical thinking, moral education and curriculum reform. Evaluated a multiyear project on moral education in New Hampshire. Has served on advisory groups in North Carolina and Indiana on teacher professional development. Has a bachelor's degree in religion and master's and doctoral degrees in philosophy. Is a founding member and former officer of the Association for Philosophy of Education, and is a senior associate of the Council for Basic Education. Was senior editor and contributor to the book "A Place for Teacher Renewal: Challenging the Intellect, Creating Educational Reform" and co-editor and contributor to a volume of essays, "The Educational Conversation: Closing the Gap." Is on the review board for the journal Educational Theory, and serves on the editorial boards of Studies in Philosophy and Education and the electronic journal Education Policy Analysis Archives.

Kathleen S. Sernak

Assistant professor, multicultural education
(765) 494-4901

Takes a feminist approach to the study of how school reform affects staff and students of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Mark J. Volkmann

Assistant professor, science education
(765) 494-5679

Research focuses on the life history and experiences of teachers and teachers in training and how that might influence teacher education reform. Has investigated how two veteran teachers defined the nature of being challenged and valued, and now is analyzing a journal written by a first-year high school chemistry teacher. Also has studied cheating among undergraduate students.

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