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June 1997

Dean D. Knudsen

Professor, sociology
Head, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
(765) 494-4666

Expertise and research focus on family violence, including its social and legal ramifications. Books include "Child Maltreatment: Emerging Perspective" and "Child Protective Services: Discretion, Decisions and Dilemmas." Published papers focus on child abuse and neglect, reporting child maltreatment, youth services, and battered women and shelters.

Steve R. McVey

Assistant professor, organizational leadership and
supervision -- Purdue Programs at Kokomo
(765) 455-9364; home: (765) 846-1014

Spent 26 years as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he provided training and advice about hostage negotiation, terrorism, sex crimes, homicide, and criminal personality profiling to local and state law enforcement agencies. Special areas of expertise also include leadership, team building, conflict management and organizational behavior. Is co-author of a book, "Managing Violence in the Workplace."

Joann L. Miller

Associate professor, sociology
Chair, graduate committee, sociology and
(765) 494-4699

Is an expert on domestic violence and victim resources. Studies violence against women here and in other countries. Has written on white-collar crime, jury studies, law and justice, sentencing and punishment, and the perception of race and gender differences in sentencing.

J. William Spencer

Associate professor, sociolinguistics
(765) 494-4677; home: (765) 497-9494

Is expert on deviance and social control, criminology and delinquency, and social psychology. Research projects focus on how social workers interact with their clients and make decisions about them. Has expertise in human interaction, such as conversations and face-to-face interaction. Also studies the cultural image of homelessness, based on analysis of newspaper articles.

Jeffery T. Ulmer

Assistant professor, sociology
(765) 496-2226

Areas of specialization include crime, law and deviance; social psychology; and sociological theory. Also has expertise in race, ethnicity and crime; qualitative data analysis; and social movements. Spent six years researching sentencing for the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing and assisted in the evaluation of sentencing guidelines. Says research shows little evidence to support stiffer penalties in general and lists three factors in deterring crime: speed, certainty and severity of sentencing.

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