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May 1997
President Clinton has proposed a national scholarship plan and a tax deduction for tuition that would make at least two years of college the standard for all Americans. The following is a list of experts on ways to pay for a college education and how to ensure students are successful once they enroll.

Financing a college education

Joyce Hall

Director, financial aid
(765) 494-5090

Has 16 years of experience in student aid administration. Served as president of the Indiana Student Financial Aid Association and as a member of the Midwest Student Financial Aid Association. Has spoken on student aid issues at the state, regional and national levels. Purdue's Division of Financial Aid is one of the federal test sites for developing and implementing new procedures for distribution of student aid.

Flora L. Williams

Associate professor, consumer sciences and retailing
Director, Financial Counseling and Planning Program
(765) 494-8297

Has developed creative methods for families to save money for college expenses. Has written three textbooks and more than 100 articles in the areas of family and consumer economics and family financial management. Serves as an expert witness in court cases involving economic value of family services.

Paul M. Dale

Director, HORIZONS
Assistant dean of students
(765) 494-7093

HORIZONS is a counseling and advising program to help low-income, physically disabled, or first-generation college students make the transition from high school to the university. Developed retention programs for first-generation college students. Developed study skills course for first-year students. Produced six videotapes on college study skills.

Linda M. Duttlinger

Associate professor, developmental studies
Chairwoman, Developmental Studies Section, Purdue North Central
(219) 785-5217

Has expertise in helping students improve basic skills needed for college-level work; GED students in college; and the nontraditional student adjusting to college work. Works with placement testing and students on academic probation. In 1995 received certification as a "Developmental Education Specialist" from the Kellogg Institute at the National Center for Developmental Education.

Linden M. Petrin

Assistant Dean of Students
Director, Career Resource Center
(765) 494-2656

Provides career and personal counseling to students. Teaches stress management, time management and study skills. Administers and interprets tests on personality types. Holds master's degree in counseling.

Kathleen D. Thayer

Director, Learning Center, Liberal Arts
(765) 494-8720

Is expert on developmental education and learning skills and strategies for success in college. Gives workshops on academic success skills such as time management and lecture note-taking. Conducted a study of retention rates for minority students in a study-skills seminar. Is author of "Effective Study Methods -- A Modular Approach" (Stipes Publishing, 1995). Created seven videotapes for self-directed learning of study and test-taking skills. Developed curriculum for several classes and presented papers on the use of instructional technology to increase access and cost effectiveness. The Learning Center serves thousands of students annually with diverse class offerings and campus support services.

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