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Krannert undergrads are filling a niche in the workplace

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Purdue University's Krannert School of Management undergraduate job placement is on the rise, thanks, in part, to business technology.

A post-graduate status report for 1996, which includes graduates from May, August and December, states that 96 percent of 1996 graduates either had a job or had chosen to continue their education. That's up from 92 percent in 1995 and 85 percent in 1994.

John W. Hatcher, director of undergraduate programs and assistant professor of management, said there are several reasons the numbers have jumped.

"For one, the market is good right now for people with the right skills, and we make sure our educational program is consistent with the needs of the marketplace," he said. "Analytical skills and problem-solving abilities set our graduates apart from the rest and allow us to fill a niche in the world of technology."

To get the problem-solving edge, Krannert undergraduates are required to take six math courses, more than at most business schools, according to Hatcher.

"The technical and computer literacy we provide, combined with increased teamwork skills and an added emphasis on communication skills, make our graduates extremely marketable to consulting firms, telecommunications and industrial organizations," Hatcher said. "We have also encouraged our students to begin their career planning earlier. We get them thinking about it their freshman year and try to follow up with internships and practical work experience later on."

The establishment of a career management center within the school has enhanced the efforts of the university placement office. The center serves as a resume, internship and job-counseling resource for students.

Krannert offers three undergraduate degrees: accounting, industrial management and management. Almost 2,000 students are enrolled in the undergraduate program. The graduate and undergraduate programs have consistently been ranked among the top 25 business schools in the country.

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