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Darlene A. Sedlock

Associate professor, exercise physiology
Director, Exercise Physiology Laboratory
(765) 494-3184/494-3185

Studies how physical activity and regular exercise training can affect health and/or sport performance. Studies energy expenditure, especially during recovery from exercise. Studies how the body's various functions affect and are affected by various levels of physical activity. Areas of expertise include calorie usage and cardiovascular fitness.

Carol J. Widule

Professor, kinesiology
(765) 494-0856/494-3185

Analyzes human motion using film and video, and studies different ways in which the body exerts force. Has written articles on the mechanical analysis of human movement.

Fitness and aging

Donald L. Corrigan

Associate professor, health, kinesiology and leisure studies
(765) 494-3178

Studies physical fitness programs and their effects on aging. Also has expertise in athletic training and conditioning for recreational and performance-driven athletes.

Gerald C. Hyner

Associate professor, health education
(765) 494-3151

Investigates modifying chronic disease risk factors, particularly among employees in worksettings. Studied the effects of comprehensive health appraisal and debriefing on the health behaviors of elderly men and women. Promotes the use of non-invasive techniques, such as computer assessments, to assess personal health risks. Expert on risk factors for premature disease. In 1995 elected for a three-year term to the board of directors, Society of Prospective Medicine.

Health promotion

Gerald C. Hyner

For biography, see "Fitness and aging"

Marlene K. Tappe

Associate professor, health
(765) 494-9112

Research tries to explain and predict health-related behavior based on the theory of personal investment as a motivational factor. As part of an intergovernmental personnel agreement, worked for a year and a half as a behavioral scientist in the Division of Adolescent and School Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Was lead author of the CDC's "Guidelines for School and Community Programs to Promote Physical Activity Among Young People," and also contributed to the first Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health. Primary teaching areas include health behavior, health promotion and health education.

Physical education

Michael P. Savage

Assistant professor, health, kinesiology and leisure studies
(765) 494-0216


Studies physical activity in adolescents and the professional preparation of physical education teachers.

Thomas J. Templin

Professor, physical education and education
Head, Department of Health, Kinesiology and Leisure Studies
(765) 494-3178

Has written textbooks, articles and research papers on physical education instruction with an emphasis on the role and socialization of physical education teachers. Has examined teacher/coach role conflict. Particularly interested in studying the lives and careers of physical education teachers. Previously served as director of Purdue's Division of Recreational Sports, overseeing indoor and outdoor recreational facilities for students, faculty and staff.

Recreational exercise

Thomas J. Templin

For biography, see "Physical education"

James F. Watson

Associate director, Division of Recreational Sports
(765) 494-3122

Involved in college recreational sports at Purdue for more than 20 years. Supervises and administers fitness programs, club sports and intramural sports. Oversees recreational programs for students with disabilities.

Training and conditioning

Donald L. Corrigan

For biography, see "Fitness and aging"

Joan L. Duda

Professor, sport and exercise psychology
Director, Sport and Health Psychology Laboratory

Major research interests are concerned with the study of motivation and the psychological factors influencing performance and persistence in sports and exercise. Has expertise in competitive youth sports, the academic achievement of athletes, and gender differences in athletes. Can address the demands of performance enhancement for elite athletes. Consults coaches and athletes in goal-setting skills, imagery, concentration, stress management and pre-performance routines. Is sport psychology consultant to U.S. women's gymnastics national team and is editor of the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. Competed in intercollegiate-level basketball, tennis and softball.

Dennis A. Miller

Head athletic trainer and physical therapist for athletics and Purdue Student Health Center
(765) 494-3245

Has experience in the area of musculoskeletal sports injuries. Has more than 20 years of experience in college athletics. Was president of the National Athletic Trainers Association (1995), which has more than 18,000 members nationwide.

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